10K Nabbed: will the DU seethe?

Via CNN:

More than 10,000 fugitives from justice have been captured in a nationwide, weeklong dragnet involving federal, state and local authorities, said the U.S. Marshals Service, which led the effort.

Operation FALCON lasted from April 4 – 10 and marks the largest number of arrests ever recorded during a single operation.

Well, that is simply wonderful. All sorts of bad people were arrested, including murderers, rapists, gang bangers, and armed robbers, among others. The problem? This was pushed by US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. I am sure that many of the Far Left will find a way to criticize not only Gonzales but President Bush as well. I cannot wait to get home this evening and see how.

They will certainly take issue with:

Officials acknowledge the decision to provide such a massive show of force at one time was expected to prompt publicity and help highlight the mission.

Part of that mission was to say to the victims that they do matter, and have not been forgotten. Anyone want to bet that this will be spun into condemnation of Bush and Gonzales?

Update: yup, looks like they will.

From a DU thread:

  • OneBlueSky: call me cynical, but I have to wonder how many of these were fugitives aren’t guilty of anything at all . . . always good to get real criminals off the streets, of course, but these days you really can’t take anything at face value . . . particularly when it involves the Bush maladministration . . .
  • Zorra: are these all felons, or did 7,000 pot smokers who failed to appear in court for possession of a joint just get rounded up?
  • 0007: ….or protesters against the WAR and folks that speak out against junior and his asshole gang of thief’s!
  • Jose Diablo: "What the hell are the other 8,727 being detained for?!?!?" Overdue library books, bench warrants for parking tickets, probably anybody on a want or hold list.
  • Organism: Sedition probably. "Watch what you say, watch what you do."

And it keeps going.

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3 Responses to “10K Nabbed: will the DU seethe?”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Wait, wait, wait. Lemme’ try one:

    – whineR: It’s just a ploy to steal votes from the Democrats. I’d be willing to bet that every single one of the “criminals” arrested were either black or hispanic.

    Okay, two:

    – s0r_luz3r: No way dude. The election’s over. They’ve moved on to bigger and better things. They’re rounding people up that are descenters of their facist government regime. I think this one was to get anybody that knew anything about Tom DeLay’s shortcomings.

    So howzat?

  2. yeah, that would be about right left. They are a bit loony over there.

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