Kennedy Goes Gore

Ted Kennedy made his speech yesterday, which most have heard of. I find it amazing that a senior Democratic Senator would, 3 days before the elections in Iraq, criticize not only President Bush, but our military troops in the field. Furthermore, I find it unseeming to make these claims, which, in essence, give aid and comfort to the enemy. Whose side is Kennedy on?

While I do not agree with the positions of the those who are against the war, I respect that they have a different viewpoint then mine. That is fine. That is the American Way. But, those viewpoints must be based on facts, not lies. The war was never about taking their oil, nor finding WMD. But, that is a different discussion. The opposing viewpoints should not be screamed in a shrill voice to the detriment of their own country. And that is exactly what drunk murderer Kennedy has done.

First of all, Kennedy needs to buy a dictionary. Quagmire doesn’t mean what he thinks it does: No matter how many times the Administration denies it, there is no question they misled the nation and led us into a quagmire in Iraq.

1 : soft miry land that shakes or yields under the foot
2 : a difficult, precarious, or entrapping position : Predicament

See, it really isn’t all that bad. It isn’t some horrible situation, as he makes it out to be. Quagmire is a bad day at work.

Second, to criticize our troops to serve your Socialist political agenda is more then despicable.

"We have reached the point that a prolonged American military presence in Iraq is no longer productive for either Iraq or the United States," Kennedy said at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington. "The U.S. military presence has become part of the problem, not a part of the solution. We need a serious course correction, and we need it now."

Folks have asked me to provide evidence that the Left is anti military and anti US. If you believe Kennedy, if you believe in his words, if you believe that it is proper for a United States Senator to make these kinds of statements that not only condemn the US military, but increase the danger they are in, then you do not support the military, and you are against America winning. Will anyone from the Left condemn Kennedy’s words?

The ending of the rule of Saddam Hussein was supposed to lessen violence and bring an irresistible wave of democracy to the Middle East. It hasn’t. Saddam Hussein’s capture was supposed to quell the violence. It didn’t. The transfer of sovereignty was supposed to be the breakthrough. It wasn’t. The military operation in Fallujah was supposed to break the back of the insurgency. It didn’t.

In fact, the Central Intelligence Agency’s top official in Baghdad warned recently that the security situation is deteriorating and is likely to worsen, with escalating violence and more sectarian clashes. How could any President have let this happen?

It’s very easy, when we have United States Senators giving the enemy every reason to continue with their attacks. How about saying something that lets the world know that you actually support your country, Ted?

Here is the entire speech by the jackass.

And, perhaps Kennedy forgot these words:

"We have know for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction." 9/27/02

Or these:

The prime minister of Spain paid a high price last Sunday for supporting us in the war, and for misleading the Spanish people. President Bush is likely to pay a similar high price in November." 3/21/04

See, Ted, we had our own referendum on the issue. Your side lost. You want to be anti Bush and anti war, fine. You want to be anti American and create more problems for our troops by emboldening the enemy? Not fine.

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5 Responses to “Kennedy Goes Gore”

  1. Ogre says:

    It’s called aiding and abetting the enemy.

  2. I wonder which one taught the other? Kerry or Ted?

  3. the Pirate says:

    Ted did the teaching.

    I really don’t like him. But you probably already knew that.

  4. Richard Ames says:

    Amazing how far a last name can get you in this country. And here I thought it was suppose to be only the cream that rose to the top. What does that say about our so-called egalitarian meritocracy? I feel like I’m living on the feudal estate every time I see that waisted Kennedy on television.

  5. Fortunatley, Kennedy is old and a drunk, so, he will hopefully retire soon.

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