The Ark Code

I have been reading the Da Vinci Code. Interesting book. Not done quite yet. But what of other religious symbols? Most of us know the story of the Ark of The Covenant. But did you know that it most probably resides in a small temple in Ethiopia? Here is some interesting information for you (also, to tick of the unreligious Left by discussing religion)

I shan’t tell you the story of the Ark: if you do not know it, go read a Bible. But, a man named Graham Hancock spent time tracking down the supposed movements of the Ark, which led him to a small town in Ethiopia by the name of Axum, which is the most holy of cities in that country. Inside this small chapel the Ark is supposed to reside Ethark_of_the_covenant_bldg_rs

No one other then the Guardian may enter. When the Guardian dies, someone else will take over. Imagine, inside this small building, the vessel containing the remains of 2 tablets that God Himself inscribed may rest. Something to ponder.

I remember watching this on Discover or TLC or some channel. Fascinating. They showed spots where the Ark may have rested. You can find more on the story here.

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7 Responses to “The Ark Code”

  1. Joatmoaf says:

    I knew about that one and it`s also thought to be hidden in the catacombs under the old Temple of Soloman in Jerusalem which is now the Dome of the Rock.

    I`m more inclined to believe the Temple of Soloman theory. That`s mainly because, in the Spiritual sense, it sounds exactly like something The Lord would do.

    As you said, if you know the Bible then you also know that Isreal was constantly rejecting God and testing His will and even though He would remove His protection and blessings from time to time He never totaly removed His presence.

    Jesus was big on analogies when making His points in the New Testament. I veiw the Bible as an analogy. A family with one Father and 12 unruly children, and when I look at it in that context it makes a lot more sense, especially in regards to God.

    In a modern context, a father who loves his kids might discipline them when they`re bad and if they commit crimes he wouldn`t want anything to do with it, but he would be there, ready to help, when they decided to make a new, clean start on life.

    The Bible makes sense to me and so does God and everything He does. I don`t need to know “why” because I know that whatever it is, it`s always for the best.

    Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

    So now you know why I think it`s under the Temple.

  2. anonyMoses says:

    I suppose I’m one of those leftists you want to tick off. Not sure why, but I guess you have your reasons. Doesn’t sound very religious to me though…

    The DaVinci Code is an entertaining read, but if you want to delve more deeply into the mysteries at Rennes, the desposynic family, and really the more interesting aspects of the book, I would suggest you read “Bloodline of the Holy Grail” by Laurence Gardner, which explains the matter in much greater detail.

    In a mass world of corporations and conglomerates, it is still better to receive your education in small groups rather than massive classrooms where half the people can sleep. The same applies to churches.

    Enjoy the book!


  3. Joatmoaf, I appreciate the comments. You may very well be correct, I have read much of that, as well. I think it would be incredible to actually find, and see the Ark. I thought that the documentary which supposedly followed the movements of the Ark was fascinating. We may never know where it lies.

    anonyMoses, that was just me being snarky, I will admit. Creating a bit of controversy. Most of the time, I’m not kidding, but, sometimes, a little snark must be used.

  4. the Pirate says:

    I thought about reading the Da Vinci Code, until I saw a thing on tv with Dan Brown and he came across as a pompous windbag who see’s himself as a modern Martin Luther. The money quote was along the lines of “there is no historical record, no artifacts, and no proof, but a lot of people believe it” (in referece to MAry Magdalen having a kid with Jesus and moving to Europe.

  5. I usually wouldn’t read this type of fiction, but I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. I read Interview with the Vampire for the same reason. Now there was a dog. Snoozefest.

  6. Ogre says:

    The biggest image I have of the ark is from Indiana Jones. I could imagine God protecting something that he wanted hidden from human eyes that way. I don’t know that it will ever be found, because if it was, there would be more physical proof of His existence. I think He wants people to have faith rather than proof.

  7. That thought crossed my mind. It is no secret that the locals believe that the Ark is in that Temple. Yet, no one has ever tried to get in.

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