More on The Luckiest Man

Here is a pretty good story from the Raleigh News and Observer, lots of details on what happened to Larry Donnell Green, the man from a few posts ago who was pronounced dead, then found to be actually alive while at the morgue.

And, according to, he has shown some improvement, moving his feet and hands. Not much out there. Hopefully, he will make a good recovery.

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4 Responses to “More on The Luckiest Man”

  1. Julie says:

    HI, the thing that gets me (and the cold may have something to do with this) is how can the brain survive without credible oxygen? Time destroys tissue. You know, it may not be his TIME to go but thinking critically as an RN, it’s just not medically possible for him to fully recover have been deprived of oxygen for so long. I have never heard of a paramedic being able to pronounce a patient dead either. In Alabama, if a medic deems no signs of life, he/she calls the medical control physician, gets an order to “do not resuscitate” and then the coroner comes out and the patient is pronounced. I have NEVER pronounced a patient! Maybe it differs state to state but I don’t know. Seems strange to me. If it were a truck of basic EMT’s, they could NOT do a rhythm strip in most states..not licensed to do that much less interpret one. In that case, you start CPR and call for more advanced medics if you’re far away from the hospital. If you have paramedic who have a lot higher training, you assess no breathing, start Cpr, hook up the monitor, if there’s no heart beat, you VERIFY it in 2 different leads, THEN assume no pulse (after you manually check it of course) then you start chest compressions. Paramedics can push ALL kinds of cardiac drugs (epinephrine, atropine) which work with the heart muscle…In fact I remember learning that “you turn around Asystole (flatline) by reversing the A and E (start with Epi and then give Atropine..) I cannot WAIT to hear the results of this faux pas!

  2. *cough* Lawsuit *cough*

    Dead man isn’t!”An old rule in medicine is that nobody is dead until they’re warm and dead,”Yeah, tell that to the Iceman!
    Thanks to Pirate Cove!

  3. I will keep you posted. Looks like the local media has latched on to this story.

  4. Ogre says:

    If this fellow is moving limbs now, I would guess the breathing never actually stopped. It may have been so shallow that the EMTs didn’t notice it, but he must have been breathing…

    But then again, I know of miracles firsthand. I had an Aunt who was in a horrible car crash. She was in ICU for a week and the Neurological team gave up on her, saying that she would never recover any higher brain functions at all. A day later she would have been talking if not for the tube in her throat. She appears to be headed for a 100% recovery.

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