Luckiest Man of the Week

Perhaps I should have created a new category called "HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!" for this story:

A medical examiner studying a body in a morgue was shocked when he saw the man take a shallow breath.

Larry Green was removed from the morgue at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and taken to Duke University Medical Center in Durham. He was in critical condition last night.

Medical examiner J.B. Perdue was documenting Green’s injuries to certify a cause a death when he noticed Green breathing. Green had been declared dead at the accident scene after being hit by a car almost two hours earlier.

Update: Looks like 5 people, four paramedics and a volunteer EMS, have been suspended with pay over the incident, pending investigation.

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6 Responses to “Luckiest Man of the Week”

  1. Julie says:

    Hey, I heard about this from a fellow medic. I started my career in the medical field as a medic and then went onto nursing. I will tell you this–those medic’s are in HOT [email protected]#!!! The medical control physician (I hope they bothered to call one before declaring this patient dead) may even be in some himself BECAUSE a 29 yr old man, not decapitated, obviously not with rigor mortis and I doubt his pupils were fixed and dilated (maybe if they were dilated it was due to a head injury) should NEVER EVER have been left on the scene to dead! You at least load him up and do CPR and let a physician see in person that the person is dead. Also–the coroner..OK, the coroner has to come to the scene…he should’ve had enough sense! I could write a 1000 page book on the legal ramifications that could come from this…it will all eventually go back to this–they’ll take a person of equal training, equal experience and ask what would they have done…anybody with a brain and a heartbeat would say that they would’ve taken the man to the hospital with a full cardiac code in place..I’m glad I’m not in their shoes! The patient-well, with 2 hours with no oxygen–he’ll have tremendous brain damage beyond repair more than likely..their golden hour was WELL out of reach at that point that life support was started. I think the medics could possibly be charged with some form of homicide in the end! Stupidity makes me really ill (can you tell?)

  2. yes, and you have every right to be that way. Looks like 5 people have been suspended, we will see what happens to them. The guy is on life support at Duke Medical, but cannot find any story that really tells about his condition.

  3. Ogre says:

    This is why I’m not an organ donor.

  4. JulieS says:

    I’m an organ donor (have worked in dialysis and seen the needs out there firsthand)
    William if you find anything about the condition of the guy, forward to me..I can’t find anything either! He’ll either die or be a vegatable.

  5. will do. This is the kind of story that will hang in the local news for a while.

  6. Jeremy says:

    I’m going to play devils advocate a bit and predict that at least one, if not all, will be reinstated fully. He or she will be put back out on the street to kill again. Others will lose their state license to practice and just move to another one and…you guessed it…kill again.

    Maybe I missed something in the medical system, but from what I’ve seen the big drain on medical insurance comes from crappy doctors that just move to another state when they botch the job they never should have been doing in the first place.

    ….just a thought.

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