LA Times Going More Insane

Robert Scheer of the LA Times asks whether Al Queda is just a Bush Boogyman. Incredible. Simply incredible. Talk about putting the blinders on. Perhaps Mr. Scheer, in his advocacy of a lunatic film, has forgotten that 3 of the September 11th flights were headed for Los Angeles. Forgotten that 31 of the dead from those planes were from California, most from the LA area.

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4 Responses to “LA Times Going More Insane”

  1. rax says:

    That is hard to believe, especially since Al Qaeda was well known within the government LONG before GW took office. Heck, the Washington post even alleges that Clinton knew about a connection between Hussein and Al Qaeda.

    I’m all for dissenting opinion, but this LA Times article is neither journalism nor a story based in fact. At best this article is fit for the supermarket tabloids.

  2. Ogre says:

    Sure. And the Holocaust never happened, either.

  3. Scheer could have written a more neutral expose on the film, but insted he chose to go with DU material.

  4. Billy Budd says:

    Unfortunately it is going to take a Left Coast attack in Their backyard for the myopic California crowd to wake up. It has been an American Achilles heal the we do not possess the Euro ability to never forget who the bad guys are.

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