Drafty in Here.

Interesting. Now the Left is hanging it’s hat on one small little story about the the Selective Service System looking for men and women to serve as board members.

The Selective Service System is looking for men and women to serve as members of local boards that are currently in a standby mode. A prospective member must be a United States citizen, at least 18 years old, registered with the Selective Service (if male), not employed in law enforcement, not an active or retired Armed Forces member and not convicted in any criminal offense.

Say it with me. No Draft. Both President Bush and the House have said no. H.R. 163 was resoundingly defeated, 402-2, on October 5, 2004.And who introduced H.R. 163 on Jan 7, 2003? Democrats Jim McDermott and Charles Rangle. Good luck finding any other stories out there, other then this one tiny blurb written "from staff reports." Checking the SSS website, there is no news. No indication that this is even happening. I have put in a request, and will put in a FOIA request, to find out more.

Does this not seem similar to many of the reports earlier in the year, such as this one, which were simply hysteria based Democratic conspiracy theories? Just becuase the folks at SSS may be doing there job in preparing "just in case" does not mean there is a draft coming.

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3 Responses to “Drafty in Here.”

  1. There are plenty of reasons that a draft is not coming, but the two you list aren’t. Bush saying “no” means nothing to me, and the House vote was never supposed to succeed but to make a political point.

    The reason we aren’t going to need a draft is that they’ll draw down on Iraq regardless of how it is going, and there will be no more new invasions (barring another massive terrorist attack on America).

  2. Ogre says:

    You know, I’ve signed up to be on one of those boards. They contacted me a second time and I filled out a pile of paperwork. That was a month or so ago, so I’m waiting to hear back with final results.

  3. Well, PW, I agree with you. My only concern is if Iran starts making dangerous moves. I tend to think that, once we are done with Iraq, most incurrsions will be small troop and special ops movements. However, keeping a good presence in the ME would go a long way to, lets say, strongarming many of the countries there to not go back to their evil ways, and continue to make advances towards not supporting terrorism.

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