Couple things

First, it ain’t easy typing without moving my left wrist (sprained big time), but I am getting good at it. Alot easier using the desktop to type then the laptop.

Second, really cool site, The Blog Herald. It is all about bloggers. More on some of their stories tommorrow. Give it up for Crystal Clear Reads for finding it. She always finds some cool, unique stuff. Stop by and visit her site.

Third, another blogger emailed me and was like "DUDE! Where is all that traffic coming from?" Well, I posted some satellite photos of the tsunami. I had no idea that I would be listed so high in so many search engines, particularly Google, including from Australia, France, Denmark, and some other Google domains I do not recognize. Has lit my bandwith up big time. During much of the time, that post was #2 on the list, and has stayed within the first 3 pages. It was not my intention for this to happen.

I have no idea what happens when one exceeds the 5mb’s of bandwith I get from Typepad. They do not have a way of charging for extra. Will I be able to continue on for the rest of the month, or will I get "Bandwith Exceeded?" I have no idea. Right now, I am about 50% of the bandwith. Doesn’t quite translate in the Sitemeter, as so many hits are so close together. But, we will see what will happen.

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2 Responses to “Couple things”

  1. Crystal says:

    Ouch,so sorry about your wrist. What a trooper you are, finding a way to blog nonetheless. I was part of the mob in awe of the pics that used up your bandwith. I am so glad you enjoy visiting **one** of my sites (inside joke to BE surfers who are greatly bothered I have several blogs)and enjoy my finds. Thanks and hope you are on the mend really soon.

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