More Cannabalism

Looks like Kos is on the DU’s hit list. Here. And Here. Over this. I shan’t exerpt any of it: it needs to be read in full to really get an idea of where he is going. We Right Wing nuts may not agree with Kos on most issues, but I would like to say "Huzzah" to him for sticking to his guns. He may be much, much, much bigger in the blogosphere then I am, but I hope, if he manages to stop by and read this little post (doubt it, since I saw no trackback), that he takes it in the spirit that it was meant. With respect.

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2 Responses to “More Cannabalism”

  1. Yeah, say what you want about Kos, but he’s a hell of a blogger. Nice guy, too. I talked him into selling me some DailyKos blogshares once. He’s also a vet . . . but never gets credit from the right for it it seems.

  2. Well, Kos is seen as the true blogosphere opposition to the right, along with a few others. I do not get over there much, but, mostly I respect him. I don’t usually agree with him, but I respect him.

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