60 Million in Denial

It is simply amazing to me that 60 some odd million people can be in denial over the 2004 presidential election. I mean, come on people, wake up! How can 60 million be so utterly clueless and unwilling to accept evidence of fraud in Ohio? It is everywhere. How can 60 million ignore the vast evidence as proof that there were major problems in Ohio? How can 60 million blindly sheeple along, denying all that has occurred? The amount of denial is amazing.

No, I’m not using the wrong vote tally. Ye see, we who voted for George W Bush are in denial. We refuse to take the evidence of fraud in Ohio, which was only perpetrated by Republicans, and expressly ordered by W and Karl "I am the boogieman" Rove. In my travels through the ‘net, on forums, leftists blogs, the DU, etc, and talking to liberals, I have learned that we are, in fact, in denial. It doesn’t matter that not one shred of true evidence has been produced to show that there was widespread GOP fraud. We are IN DENIAL!

Was there fraud? I would bet that, across the country, there was some fraud perpetrated by both sides, but more on the State and Local levels. I do not think or believe that either the DNC or RNC would be so stupid or incompetent as to participate. And, any fraud on either side would be offset by the other side. Heck, I bet that even Badnarik and Nadar supporters tried to pull some sort of shenanigans.

But, no, we are in DENIAL! The Demorats certainly wouldn’t do something so wrong as cheat, would they? Exit polls showed that Kerry was winning, didn’t they? Who cares if the final tallies were different? It must be that all those GOP loving MSM’s, like cBS, MSNBC, ABC, The New York Times, etc, are withholding the information that could catapult Kerry to the Presidency.

I guess, after reading and hearing it so much, I am starting to believe it.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It is a load of mule fritters.The only ones in denial are those liberals who refuse to face facts. Bush won. Why? Because more people voted for him then Kerry. Period. Maybe not all those people like Bush. But when you put him up against a terrible candidate like Kerry, a man who stands for little, and who most people didn’t even vote for (remember, so many were voting for "anybody but Bush:" even Moore voted that way), you get a Bush win. Nothing will change on January 6th. Conyers and the others will only make the Democratic Party look bad to the swing voters. Ohio’s electors were not "sat illegally." Problems like waiting in long lines in Democratic Precincts is not fraud.

But, then again, maybe I am in DENIAL! Perhaps I should change the blog name to the "Denial Cove."

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2 Responses to “60 Million in Denial”

  1. the Pirate says:

    Obligitory bad joke:


    Isn’t that a river in Egypt?

  2. LOL! Actually, on the forum I comment on, one of the liberals has been writing “in DeNile” about republicans for a long time.

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