Syria Accuses Israel of Attempted Hammas Wacking

From Haarzet: Israeli News (hat tip to the Command Post GWOT)

Syria on Monday accused Israel of being behind a car
bomb that targeted a Palestinian member of Hamas in the Mazzah
neighborhood of the Syrian capital.

A passer-by was wounded in the explosion, but the
Hamas member and his wife, who left the car minutes before the blast,
were unhurt.

Speaking to Syrian state-run television, Interior
Minister Ghazi Kenaan said a bomb placed under the seat of the vehicle
exploded minutes after the Palestinian man and his wife stepped out for
a dentist’s appointment.

Maybe the Hammas man should reconsider being part of a terrorist organization that targets Israeli citizens, including civilian women and children. Are the Israeli’s just supposed to sit back and take that kind of activity without action? For those that believe so, what would you have the United States do?

In regards to a previous attack on a Hammas member, and Israeli official stated: "Some people lead dangerous lives." Yup. ANd some learn that living those lives may not allow one to keep living.

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