Russian terrorism

It’s plain shocking. The Russians are reporting 322 dead so far, 155 of them children. 700 wounded. 540 still in the hospital, 330 are children. This is what happens when uou deal with terrorists. They do not care. And we still have these people called militants, and hostage takers. Perhaps those words are being used ase descriptors, but these people are terrorists, and scum. I do not know alot about Islam, but what kind of god would tell his followers to do this, especially to children?

U.S. President George W. Bush said he mourned “the innocent lives that have been lost.”

“This is yet another grim reminder of the lengths to which terrorists will go to threaten the civilized world,” Bush said at a campaign event in Milwaukee.

Yes, it unfortunately is. This is also the kind of thing that we have tried to avoid in Fallujah and Najaf. Did the Russian special forces go in to soon? Were they the right people for the job? Or were they left with just no other option? We may never know, as the Russians have been very tight lipped in the past. After 2 incidents on a large scale, including the 2 downed passenger jets, I suspect we we see much more in the news about Russian activities againsts terrorists, perhaps even outside of Russia.

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