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Islamists Infest England With Slavery And Child Sex Rings

But, you know what’s more important to the British police? Mean words on social media. First, this Slavery 'affecting every city' in UK — BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) August 10, 2017 The BBC tries to dink and dunk around the subject, but, a goodly chunk of those running slavery rings are Islamists. Not all, […]

NY Daily News: Americans Have A Silly Fear About Sharia Law Or Something

The NY Daily News has allowed Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to write a cute little piece in support of Sharia law The silly American fear of sharia law “Most Americans would be shocked to hear Israel imposes sharia law. But it does for some 60 years.” These are the words of Israeli writer Yossi Gurvitz, […]

British City Linked To Islamic Jihadis Winces And Wonders Why Or Something

Navel gazing while missing all the lint British City Linked to Jihadis Winces and Asks Why Outside the Maasha’Allah internet cafe, Mohammed Hussain raised his voice over the recorded Quranic verses blaring from the abaya shop two doors down. He was furious that Britain’s latest terrorist attacker had amplified his city’s stigma. “Why do all […]

NY Times: In Name Of Diversity And Stuff, You Rubes Need To Get Used To Terrorist Attacks

Liberals worship their talking points of diversity and multiculturalism, to the point that they feel a deep, abiding need to defend the indefensible. And they’ll do and say anything to defend it Our Best Defense Against Terrorists How we react to terrorism has become a measure of who we are, as individuals and as a […]

Surprise: Islamists Infiltrating Swedish Greens

Initially, the environmental movement was infiltrated by remnants of those who loved the Soviets and pseudo communism, and needed something after rhe collapse of the USSR in the late 1980’s. These are the folks James Delingpole calls watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside, who adopted environmentalism as a method of instituting authoritarian […]

Former Racial Equalities Chief: Muslims Do Not Want To Integrate

Of course, said Equalities chief doesn’t mean this in a bad way, he’s saying that Western society is being disrespectful for even trying to get Muslims from Muslim nations to integrate when they move to 1st World nations (UK Daily Mail) Muslim communities are not like others in Britain and the country should accept they […]

News And Observer: We Totally Need To Come Together In Face Of San Bernardino…For Gun Control

At the Raleigh News and Observer, Seidu Malik provides a pure checkbox view. ISIS and Islamic jihadis aren’t really Muslims? Check. Islam is totally peaceful? Check. Stop being Islamophobes? Check. We need to come together to enact gun control? Check. Oh, and no denunciation of radical Islam? Check Don’t let San Bernardino massacre divide us […]

Moderate Biker Totally Feels Compelled To Condemn Biker Violence

There’s actually a bit of misdirection in this NY Times op-ed. Let’s see if you quickly pick it up. Clue: the writer’s name is Wajahat Ali, a journalist at Al Jazeera America I’m a Moderate Biker Gang Member Compelled to Condemn This Violence On Sunday, a biker gang meeting at the Twin Peaks Restaurant in […]

‘ISIS sets sights on Libya as gateway to eventual invasion of Europe’

Rather a bit heavy on the terrorism in the world today, rather than my normal Hotcoldwetdry schtick. Headline is directly from the Jerusalem Post Islamic State has set its sights on taking over Libya as a bridgehead to eventually waging war all across southern Europe, the British Telegraph is reporting on Wednesday. The newspaper cited […]

Washington Post Offers Up Five Myths Of Islamic Radicalization

At first blush, knowing what the Washington Post usually does, the headline of 5 Myths Of Radicalization is bound to create the idea that the WP and writer Daniel Byman are going to do all they can to protect the Religion Of Peace, and, there are some nuggets of #facepalm within. Yet, it actually provides […]

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