Pro Hamas Activists Berkeley Council Meeting

All you have to do is listen to what these people say to understand they hate Jews and love terrorist groups

Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Berkeley City Council meeting, Holocaust remembrance vote: ‘End Israel’

Pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted the City Council in Berkeley, California, on Tuesday, shouting “Zionist pigs!” and “End Israel!” during a meeting that included a vote on marking Holocaust Remembrance Day, video of the event shared by the Jewish Community Relations Council showed.

The anti-Israel mob also accused members of being “genocide” enablers, “traitors to this country” and “spies for Israel.”

The protesters appeared to claim City Council members had been “bought” by the Jewish community, according to the council.

“How much money did these a——- give you?” one person is heard shouting in a video. He adds, “Cowards! Go chase the money! You money suckers!”

The council shared the videos on X, writing: “Yesterday, the Berkeley City Council held its final meeting before a one-month recess. The agenda of the meeting included an item on marking Holocaust Remembrance Day and funding educational programs around this commemoration. There was nothing on the meeting agenda about the Israel-Hamas War. Demonstrators called Jews ‘Zionist pigs,’ intimidated a Holocaust survivor, stole and threw a Jewish man’s phone toward the dais and implied city council members were being bought by the Jewish community. Warning: Explicit language.”

Somehow Democrats decided that Islamists were the good guys and Israel/Jews were the bad guys, especially with the Muslims in US colleges who are backed by and take the beliefs of the Muslim Brotherhood, then, to compound that, they keep importing more 3rd world Islamists to the U.S. And they actually believe that the Islamists are actual fellow travelers on everything, when, other than wanting a strong government (which can be used by the Islamists to push their agenda) and hatred of Israel and Jews, the Islamists are against most things Democrats stand for. They support Islamic radicalism and terrorist groups. This is who you’ve aligned with, Democrats.

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