Weather Channel: Warming Pause Isn’t Really What You Think

How can you tell a movement is a cult? When no matter what happens, they have a ready excuse to protect their dogma

Global Warming ‘Pause’ Isn’t What Climate Change Skeptics Say It Is

Scientists who study climate change and skeptics of human-caused global warming can agree on at least this: Global temperatures haven’t risen nearly as much this century as model projections say they should have.

At least, that’s the way it looks today. But according to a recently published study in the scientific journal Earth’s Future, the greenhouse gas-fueled heating of the planet hasn’t stopped at all during the global warming pause or “hiatus” widely touted in recent years.

“Global warming is continuing, it just gets manifested in different ways,” says Dr. Kevin Trenberth, a scientist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research who co-authored the study with NCAR’s Dr. John Fasullo.

“Different ways”. Essentially, it’s hiding or something. TWC provides 4 different reasons

  1. Global averages hide a LOT of variation. (this is how they blame cold and snow on you driving a fossil fueled vehicle)
  2. Human-produced greenhouse gases and natural variability work together. (this one is cute, as it highlights the effects of El Nino/La Nina, but that humans make it worse)
  3. The 1997-98 El Niño may have triggered the current warming pause. (again, a cute one, where nature is Blamed for the pause, creating a longer PDO, which masks the anthropogenic warming. Like I said, cult)
  4. The pause ‘can’t keep going on forever’ – and perhaps not much longer. (why not? It may. It may not. Warmists are simply guessing in order to protect the cult. They even note that rising sea levels in the Pacific as caused by the PDO, then turn around and Blame Man).

Then they wrap it up with

This year or later, it’s possible that El Niño will occur again in the Pacific. Will that trigger another change in the PDO, that in turn could trigger a resurgence in global surface temperature warming? Only time will tell, Trenberth explained.

Um, whoops? Because that would mean the warming is related to natural processes, not anthropogenic. So, us Skeptics would be, you know, correct.

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One Response to “Weather Channel: Warming Pause Isn’t Really What You Think”

  1. Jeffery says:

    An El Nino does not add heat to the Earth, it only facilitates heat exchange between the air and water. The heat is added by the sun and trapped by the atmosphere.

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