CNN: Putin Now Owns Syrian Mess, And It’s All Trump’s Fault Or Something

Let’s face it: Syria is not an issue most Americans really care about. There are only about 2,000 U.S. military members in the nation, mostly as advisors. The issue of the Kurds is concerning, but, what would 2,000 military members actually do? The only thing that was a concern was when Obama set a red line, and then failed to back it up. Remember, Obama placed it on the international community. And, interestingly, Obama’s name never comes up in this CNN “analysis” which really is attempting to make a Russia Russia Russia connection

US is out of the picture in Syria-Turkey crisis. Putin now owns this mess

As US President Donald Trump hailed the agreement his administration negotiated with the Turks for northern Syria as “a great day for civilization,” the Turks quickly dumped cold water over the White House’s euphoria, refusing to even call the deal a ceasefire.

Only a few hours later, airstrikes and artillery fire could be felt in northern Syria as the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces accused Ankara and its proxies of severe ceasefire violations.

The mood both in Washington and in the Middle East is that the ceasefire is not the real deal. It expires on Tuesday, October 22, the same day Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recip Tayyip Erdogan will meet in Sochi to discuss the future of Syria. It seems pretty clear: that’s when the world will find out that the real deal will be for the future of this volatile region.

It’s also clear that the future will, to a large extent, be determined by the Russian President. With Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds, America’s main allies in the fight against ISIS, and his de facto green lighting of Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria, the White House maneuvered itself out of the Syria equation. For better or worse, Putin now owns the military and political mess unfolding there.

But unlike the Trump administration’s hectic efforts at last-minute diplomacy to try to end the bloodshed it helped unleash, Putin at least seemed like a man with a plan.

Russia immediately started negotiations with the Kurds and Moscow’s main ally, the Assad government, quickly reaching a deal to allow the Syrian military into Kurdish-held areas where Damascus has not had a presence for years in order to stave off the Turkish-led offensive. Moscow also quickly deployed its own military as a buffer to keep the Turks and their forces apart from the Kurds and Syrian government troops.

Trump’s plan is pretty easy: don’t have U.S. military members in Syria, which has had a civil war going on since 2011. Yes, 2011. It was part of the wider Arab Spring, which, if you remember, Obama blew off. Hey, remember when Syrian strongman Bashar Assad was being called a reformer by the Obama administration?

Anyhow, CNN sure seems to love Putin now, eh? When they can try to bludgeon Trump with the issue, right? Through the next 15 paragraphs, which include a section about all roads leading to Moscow (um, Syria has been a client state of Russia (and Iran), in their sphere of influence, for a long, long time, like back during the Cold War era), they laud Putin

(Arab Weekly) Obama handed over the whole Syrian file to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Obama was once outraged by the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons against its opponents in Eastern Ghouta and threatened to use the tremendous firepower of the American giant. Aircraft carriers and naval ships ploughed their way towards the Mediterranean and the parliaments of US allies were mobilised. It was the brink of a major war.

Suddenly, here came Putin, offering to take care of the “dirty work” on behalf of the world’s major democracies. “Do not dirty your hands and let me do it my way,” he told them. Indeed, Putin delivered Syria’s chemical weapons to the world. Damascus handed over its arsenal and Washington and the western alliance handed Syria over to Putin.

Since Obama gave the green light to the Russian leader to begin his military intervention in Syria in September 2015, Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry — Russia’s and the United States’ highest-ranking diplomats at the time — established the sacred texts in politics, security and the military that keep the Western world abreast with the Russian baptism of fire in Syria.

We never should have gotten involved in the first place

(Huff Post) Obama’s geopolitical strategy is also going badly. What once seemed a hopeless stalemate between what remains of the regime of Bashar Assad and various anti-Assad forces changed dramatically when Russian air power entered the war.

The turn against American influence began not yesterday but in fact three years ago, amid what seemed at least to Obama to be a successful turn of events.

That three years ago was 2013, when Obama handed over the keys to Russia. The U.S. was barely involved at that time, other than some advisors and diplomacy. But, somehow, this is all Trump’s mess. CNN is like “Obama who?” Despite blaming everything bad on George W. Bush during Obama’s first term. The only thing really missing is a direct blame that Trump is doing Putin’s bidding.

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If All You See…

…are cobblestones which would be perfect for replacing fossil fueled vehicles with low carbon transportation modes, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Pacific Pundit, with a post on the dustup between Hillary and Tulsi Gabbard.

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Extinction Rebellion Arrests Broccoli For The Planet

Remember, we’re supposed to take the beliefs of these people seriously (make sure you turn the volume up for the added insane)

Oh, and there’s a hero below the fold

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Surprise: Democrats Spend Bigly On Private Jet Flights

See, these same Democrats all have some sort of Big ‘climate change’ plan which will limit your use of fossil fuels, and most want to get rid of fossil fuels. And most have shown their support for the Green New Deal. Yet

Green New Deal Update: Democrats Spend Big on Private Flights

The Democratic Party’s presidential candidates may support the “Green New Deal,” and an end to fossil fuels, but all of the frontrunners are spending large amounts of money on private flights as they jet around the campaign trail.

The Hill reported Friday:

Spending on private flights by Democratic presidential candidates soared over the past three months, from roughly $680,000 in the second quarter to more than $2.2 million in the third fundraising period of the year.

Topping the spending list was former Vice President Joe Biden, who dropped about $924,000 on private air travel …

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg spent nearly $479,000 on private flights over the past three months, up from roughly $300,000 in the second quarter. And Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) used about $253,000 in campaign cash to charter flights, significantly more than the $17,000 she spent in the second quarter.

The Democratic primary field’s leading progressives, Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), also saw their private air travel spending swell in the three-month fundraising period.

The “carbon footprint” of these flights is pretty darned high, well above the average even for Americans, which is already well above the global average. The list also included Gov. Steve Bullock, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), and former tech executive Andrew Yang (all who spent a lot less), and every single person on the list other than Bullock has endorsed the Green New Deal, which calls for eliminating the use of fossil fuels. And, again, many have plans which call for the same.

But, hey, they are Special. It’s OK that they must use fossil fuels and private jets to get around, because they’re running for president. You, on the other hand, are just a peon, a Little Person, so, it’s fine if your life gets disrupted and it’s hard for you to get anywhere, because you aren’t part of the Political Aristocracy.

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State Dept Probe Of Clinton Emails Finds No Deliberate Mishandling Of Classified Information Or Something

You have to read that headline in a robotic, emotionless voice, as the talking points have gone out

That’s just a smattering of those news outlets who even bothered to cover this, with headlines and articles meant to protect Hillary and say that she is completely innocent, that she did nothing wrong.

Of course, if this was really about Hillary, you’d just say that she was incompetent

State Department report on Clinton emails finds hundreds of violations, dozens of individuals at fault

A State Department report into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for government business, obtained by Fox News on Friday, found dozens of individuals at fault and hundreds of security violations.

The report summarized an administrative review of the handling of classified information relating to Clinton’s private email server used during her tenure as the nation’s highest-ranking diplomat between 2009 and 2013. The report, dated Sept. 13., was delivered to the office of Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa., who was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee until last year.

The report reflected only approximately 30,000 emails that the State Department was able to physically review, and found 38 individuals were responsible for 91 violations.

Another 497 violations were also found, although the report was not able to assign responsibility in those cases, in part because many of those involved had already left the department during the time it took to receive the emails and review them.

The “no deliberate mishandling” part is not about Hillary Clinton, but about the employees who sent the classified information to her, most who probably had no idea that she had an insecure, home brew server.

The department concluded that the use of a private email system “added an increased degree of risk of compromise, as a private system lacks the network monitoring and intrusion detection capabilities of [the] State Department.”

“While the use of a private email system itself did not necessarily increase the likelihood of classified information being transmitted on unclassified systems, those incidents which then resulted in the presence of classified information upon it carried an increased risk of compromise or inadvertent disclosure,” the report said.

Strange that the report didn’t conclude that it was 100% against State Department and federal government policies. But, hey, must protect the Precious. Where this you or me, we would be in jail. Hillary is part of the Political Aristocracy, so, nothing will ever happen.

BTW, she still lost the 2016 election by the rules. Get over it, Trump haters.

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Hotcoldwetdry Denialists Have Won If We Label Eco-Anxiety As An Illness Or Something

Sadly, the majority of this is behind the paywall, but, we can get a good laugh at the headline and what we can see

If we label eco-anxiety as an illness, climate denialists have won
No planet B | The UK media reports a “tsunami” of cases of eco-anxiety in children. It is no medical condition, though, it is a rational response to the state of the climate, says Graham Lawton

LAST week I had a sobering conversation with an editor from one of the BBC’s flagship science programmes. He had been reading my column and wanted to pick my brains about emerging environmental issues. After half an hour chewing over the dire state of the climate and biodiversity, he asked me: how do you cope? How do you sleep at night knowing all of this?

I admit that I sometimes lose sleep, usually when I’m working on a story that brings me face to face with the realities of climate breakdown or biodiversity loss. I worry for …

At least Graham admits that it is totally fake, just a bunch of nutballs. And here’s more eco-anxiety crazy

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If All You See…

…is horrible heat snow due to Other People’s carbon footprints, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on the looney left redefining masculinity.

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A Fox Munching A Marmot Photo Is All About ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Obviously, whenever something happens the Cult of Climastrology has to make it all about their cult

The Washington Post is all over it, taking the photographer’s winning photo and making it all about climate

A marmot’s final moment before becoming fox food wins an award — and tells us about climate change

“The Moment” was rare yet relatable.

In a picture captured by Chinese photographer Yongqing Bao, a female Tibetan fox and a Himalayan marmot meet. The fox, hunting to feed her three cubs, crouches, ready to pounce. The marmot, upright and pivoting on one small claw, opens its mouth in a silent screech.

The creatures face each other — suspended in what Roz Kidman Cox, chair of the judging panel for Wildlife Photographer of the Year, called an “extraordinary” natural moment.

“Photographically, it is quite simply the perfect moment,” said Cox, who awarded Bao first place in the photography contest, which is sponsored by London’s Natural History Museum. “The expressive intensity of the postures holds you transfixed, and the thread of energy between the raised paws seems to hold the protagonists in perfect balance.”


The pictures that followed Bao’s award-winning moment are gruesome, Bao told BBC. He summarized the end result simply.

“That’s nature,” he said.

It’s nature, right? WRONG, you darned non-believer!

Sir Michael Dixon, the museum director, said in a news release that the plateau is often referred to as the “Third Pole” because of the “enormous water reserves held by its ice fields.” The area, he said, is under “threat” because of “dramatic temperature rises” attributed to global climate change.

“At a time when precious habitats are facing increasing climate pressures, seeing these fleeting yet fascinating moments reminds us of what we need to protect,” Dixon said.

See! It’s all Your Fault! How dare you live a modern life! Take long showers, keep your heat on in a comfortable range, drive to work, and use more than 2 sheets of TP!

But, hey, what’s this?

The grasslands where the foxes live are used by livestock herders, according to the museum, which means the foxes’ habitat and food sources are disturbed by humans. Their usual prey — the plateau pika — “are subject to eradication attempts,” according to the museum. If the pikas disappear, so could the foxes.

So, it’s not really that pikas are threatened by ‘climate change’, but mankind directly. Good to know.

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St. Greta Says Extinction Rebellion Should Break Laws During Protests

You already had one of the co-founders (who’s also a massive climahypocrite) commit an act of vandalism, so, sure, everyone listen to the unhinged teenager. Sadly, a lot of the climanutters will

Greta Thunberg suggests Extinction Rebellion protesters should break the law during demonstrations

Greta Thunberg has told Extinction Rebellion (XR) protesters that they should consider breaking the law so they can continue their demonstrations.

Police this week imposed a section 14 order on XR, meaning any group of two or more people linked to the group’s Autumn Uprising is banned.

The move, which was taken after Londoners began to grow irritated by the disruption on the streets, was swiftly condemned by human rights groups and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Now, teenage climate change campaigner Greta has suggested XR protestors continue on regardless.

She said: “If standing up against the climate and ecological breakdown and for humanity is against the rules then the rules must be broken.”

What the XR wankers will see is St. Greta advocating law breaking overall, not violating the order against their protests. Of course, do Leftists really need any motivation to become violent? This is the way all their protests move.

Mr Reed (who’s a spokesperson for XR), a PR worker from London, said the intention was not to “inconvenience hard-working people”, and said he did not think the apparently unsympathetic mood on the platform was indicative of a decrease in public support despite many posts on the XR London Facebook page expressing concerns that the stunt was counterproductive and should not have gone ahead.

He said: “It is not our intention to target individuals or inconvenience hard-working people.

“We’re in a life or death situation right now.

Once you’ve framed this in those terms, it means anything goes.

Yeah, they’ve caused the entire area to blocked, causing problems for everyone just trying to go about their daily lives.

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There’s A Disconnect Between Washington And Heartland On Syria/ Turkey Clash

Outside of Washington and the hyper-political watchers, does anyone really care?

Tom Bevan: Rally response shows a ‘disconnect’ between Washington and the heartland regarding wars, military

There is a “disconnect” between Washington, D.C. and the rest of America regarding Syria, this according to co-founder Tom Bevan who was reacting to President Trump’s rally.

“I was just in Washington yesterday and we spent all week talking about Syria and the Kurds,” Bevan said on “The Ingraham Ingraham” Thursday. “And you saw the disconnect on display with Trump out in the heartland, now making his case and the response that he got about bringing troops home, rebuilding the military to keep it strong.”

During the rally the president addressed his decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria a decision that many Republicans have been critical of.

“Endless wars, they don’t stop. They don’t stop. They go on forever,” Trump told the rally crowd. “These wars brought mass chaos, instability, destruction and death. Today, we choose a different path.” (snip)

“It’s something that he did run on. It’s something that has widespread support across the country. I think the only thing that Trump, you know, runs the risk of here is if ISIS reconstituted itself and starts creating some havoc before his election next November,” Bevan said. “But just if that doesn’t happen, there is widespread support and it’s a definite disconnect between what what people in sort of the heartland think, a real America, versus what everybody is talking about inside the Beltway.”

At the end of the day, does pulling the small number of U.S. troops out of Syria and giving Turkey, a NATO member, the green light to intervene move the needle with most outside the Washington bubble? Is this something they are thinking about, caring about, talking about, reading about? A lot of people were probably surprised we had that many military members in Syria, considering Obama was saying there would be no boots on the ground, that Democrats were against putting boots on the ground. Now you have crazy Dems like Wesley Clark, the general who became a darling of the Democrats over the Iraq War, when the Dems wanted us out of Iraq, telling us to stay in Syria.

(Real Clear Politics) But wait a minute. Turkey is a NATO member. Were we prepared to go to war with an ally to defend this strip of land held by the Kurds? Even if the Turks had an ulterior motive of seeking to punish their traditional enemy, the Kurds, were we willing to sacrifice American lives to take sides in that conflict?

Also, how exactly do we distinguish between the U.S. invading Syria several years earlier for our “national interest” and what the Turks are doing now for their own perceived “national interest”?

But then there are the Kurds…

We don’t want them to become the victims of genocide the way the Armenians were at the hands of the Turks in the last century, but what kind of commitment can Americans make to police Syria into the foreseeable future? Are we supposed to keep our soldiers at risk forever to prevent war between enemies who have irreconcilable differences?

What were a few dozen soldiers going to do? And do the people outside of the Washington bubble really care what’s going on, despite the media drumbeat? Nope.

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