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Surprise: India’s Doomy 52.9C “Record Temperature” Was Off By 3C

News organizations which have joined the doomsday Cult of Climastrology were super happy to boldly report on the initial 52.9C reading, often on the front page. Now that it turned out to be a lie, er, sorry, and “error” (meaning they got caught), most outlets are ignoring this or burying the reporter Delhi’s record 52.9C […]

If All You See…

…is the need to live high on a hill to avoid catastrophic sea rise, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on Hunter Biden’s gun trial beginning today.

Good News: Biden Is Simply Letting Illegals Roam The Nation Without Settling Cases

Supposedly, Biden is finalizing an executive order which is supposed to Do Something at the border, but, really won’t. It’s an election year stunt. Meanwhile Biden keeps rewarding illegal migrants for jumping the border For all President Biden’s talk about trying to try to address the border crisis, The Post keeps discovering new ways he’s encouraging the […]

Your Fault: Global Boiling Causing The Loss Of Indigenous Languages

I’m so excited, this is a new one! As usual, it’s insane doomsday cult propaganda, but, it’s unique propaganda Climate Change is Fueling the Loss of Indigenous Languages That Could Be Crucial to Combating It There are roughly 7,000 languages spoken around the world. Indigenous groups speak more than 4,000 of them, despite making up […]

Islamic State Of Maldives Bans Israeli Passport Holders

Now, imagine how CNN would write this piece if it was Israel banning Maldives passport holders, considering that Islam is the state religion of the Maldives. We’d be hearing all about Islamophobia and stuff Maldives to ban Israelis from entering country amid war in Gaza The Maldives has announced it will ban Israeli passport holders […]

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