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Crazy Warmists Being Crazy

Consequences Joanna Smith smeared washable finger-paint on a piece of plexiglass. She was just sentenced to spend the summer in prison. Fossil fuel CEOs are poised to drive $23,000,000,000,000 in climate damages, annually. They will spend the summer taking mega-yachts to the Amalfi coast. pic.twitter.com/XPfz4ivEnr — Climate Defiance (@ClimateDefiance) June 5, 2024 I love all […]

If All You See…

…is a fence meant to keep climate refugees out, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Hayride, with a post on “white fortressing”.

Surprise: Illegal Aliens Driving SCNY Hotel Costs To Record Highs

I’m sure the same thing is happening in Boston, Chicago, Denver, and other places where illegals are being sent to Migrant surge driving hotel prices to record highs in sanctuary city: report The cost of a hotel room has hit a record high in New York City, in part due to the ongoing migrant crisis, […]

Weird: Despite All The Climate (scam) Law, CO2 Is Surging

You have all these laws, right? You have all these people around the world who say the Believe that Mankind is at fault. Yet Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are surging “faster than ever” to beyond anything humans ever experienced, officials say One of the major drivers of the exceptional heat building within Earth’s […]

Juror Sent Cousin Message Saying Trump Was Convicted A Day Before Judgement

Aren’t the jurors supposed to be in seclusion? This is the kind of thing that should lead to a mistrial BREAKING: Judge Merchan has notified all parties in the New York case of a Facebook post made a day before Trump's conviction by someone who may have known one of the jurors. New York law […]

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