Pew Has A Sad That Vast Majority Of Republicans See ‘Climate Change’ As A Non-Issue

Too bad they failed to ask the Democrats who see global boiling as a big issue if they’ve made their own lives carbon neutral

How Republicans view climate change and energy issues

Republican leaders have staked out different positions on climate and energy issues. Some, including former President Donald Trump, have called climate change a “hoax” and downplayed the link between human activity and a warming planet. Others, including some congressional Republicans, have proposed policies to address climate change, such as supporting more nuclear power and the development of carbon capture technology.

So what do Americans who identify as Republicans or lean toward the GOP think about climate and energy issues? Here are six facts about their views, drawn from Pew Research Center surveys.

Few Republicans see climate change as a top priority for the country. Just 12% of Republicans and Republican leaners say dealing with climate change should be a top priority for the president and Congress, according to a January 2024 survey. For Republicans, dealing with climate change ranks last among the 20 issues included in the survey.

By contrast, 59% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say climate change should be a top priority for the president and Congress. An even larger majority (78%) views it as a major threat to the U.S.

Yet, they do virtually nothing in their own lives

Despite expressing little concern about the issue generally, Republicans support some proposals to address climate change. As part of efforts to reduce the effects of climate change, majorities of Republicans support requiring oil and gas companies to seal methane gas leaks from oil wells (77%) and favor providing a tax credit to businesses to develop carbon capture technologies (67%), according to a spring 2023 survey.

I’m fine with that, though the tax credit seems more like a scam. I’m fine with planting a trillion trees. I’m not fine with taxing corporations based on their “carbon” emissions. 50% of Republicans are. I’m vehemently opposed to this. And 23% of Republicans need a slap for believing it’s fine to do away with gas lines in new buildings. Idiots.

There’s quite a bit of info in this article, worth the read. Let’s skip down

Relatively small shares of Republicans say climate change and extreme weather are having a significant impact on their own communities. A minority of Republicans (36%) say climate change is affecting their own community a great deal or some, according to a March 2023 survey. By contrast, 85% of Democrats believe it is affecting their local community at least some.

But, here’s the thing: nowhere that I can find is climate change defined. I’ll agree that the climatic changes that always occur, in this case a low level Holocene warm period, will affect people. Interestingly, Raleigh no longer gets the 5-6 hundred degree days (without heat index) a year it used to. It’s rare if we get one. But, the nights do stay warmer. That means more AC and more dust mites for me. I’m allergic. But, this is mostly a natural process, with land use and the urban heat island effect.

Let’s go to the topline of the entire survey

Again, ‘climate change’ is low hanging fruit. It’s 3rd from the bottom, with dealing with global trade as the bottom, then addressing issues around race (I guess Democrats pushing that everything is raaaaacist has failed). Trump and Republicans need to focus on the economy. Everything else is secondary.

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5 Responses to “Pew Has A Sad That Vast Majority Of Republicans See ‘Climate Change’ As A Non-Issue”

  1. H says:

    lol 50% of republicans need to be slapped by Teach who will not accept squishiness from Republicans. Verboten to dissent!
    Wait Teach isn’t that what you are always accusing Dems of Doing?
    Dissent is not allowed in cults. The cult of personality of Our Dear Leader demands 100% allegiance.
    They will be assaulted if they dissent from the Party/cult line

    Yes focus on the economy.
    Record high oil production (Biden’s War on Energy”)
    Record high Dow and S&P
    unemployment less that 4% and 50% of the 300000 new jobs going to those lazy immigrants that just want free stuff and not work or pay taxes
    Wages going up faster than inflation

    But But……. households now must spend 12.5% of their budget and under Trump they only had to spend 10%

    Cry me a river . That is affecting a higher percentage of people in our poorer Red states who often receive less that 1/2 the EBT that blue states give out.
    Vote Blue

  2. Jl says:

    You mean to those 300,000 lazy illegal immigrants, right Johnny? And of course there’s 300,000 US citizens who would take those jobs if dear leader Brandon cared about them. Did you hear that Brandon is installing ballot drop boxes along the border wall?

  3. Mad Celt says:

    I am a 3rd party member and I see climate change as a joke played on the gullible by the criminal.

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