SCNY Sues Bus Companies For Doing Their Job Of Transporting People

What does Sanctuary City New York mayor Adams think bus companies do? In this case, they were hired to transport people for money. That’s the business, right? What this lawsuit is about is to put the fear into all bus companies so they do not transport illegal aliens to a self determined sanctuary city

NYC sues Texas charter bus companies for $700 million cost of caring for migrant

New York City is seeking more than $700 million from Texas charter bus companies to cover the cost of housing and caring for migrants who have been transported to the city, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday.

The lawsuit is intended to cover past shelter, food, and health care costs for migrants transported from Texas, as well as future costs of migrants already here and migrants who may be transported in the future, according to the mayor’s office. The city said more than 33,600 migrants have already been transported to NYC from Texas.

The Adams administration has been trying to navigate ways to stem the tide of buses bringing migrants to the city and the mayor said he hopes the lawsuit serves as a warning for future transports.

“New York City has and will always do our part to manage this humanitarian crisis, but we cannot bear the costs of reckless political ploys from the state of Texas alone,” Adams said in a statement. “Today, we are taking legal action against 17 companies that have taken part in Texas Governor Abbott’s scheme to transport tens of thousands of migrants to New York City in an attempt to overwhelm our social services system.”

Yeah, well, I’m not a lawyer, but, I sincerely doubt that this will go anywhere, since they were hired by the state of Texas to transport illegals, again, the entire point of the business is to transport people for hire. If it doesn’t get thrown out of court immediately, because, really, if Adams wants to sue anyone it should be Texas, then Adams would lose on appeal. And, since this is about interstate commerce, this cannot be adjudicated in local or state court, it must be a federal court.

What Adams wants to really do here is get the bus companies to hold off in taking charters from Texas as the case waits for court, as well as force the companies to pony up a lot for lawyers.

Hopefully, Texas will provide lawyers so the bus companies do not have to use their own money as the case proceeds, and who will also countersue for interfering with said Constitutional authority to travel.

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8 Responses to “SCNY Sues Bus Companies For Doing Their Job Of Transporting People”

  1. Dana says:

    This isn’t as novel an approach as you might think. The left are already trying to sue the manufacturers of a perfectly legal product, firearms, because some people use their products illegally. Some bar owners have been sued because people who have used their perfectly legal services have subsequently gotten into an automobile and had accidents.

  2. Wylie1 says:

    Nothing cures liberalism faster than becoming a victim of their own belief. About 9 million more illegal free shitter gimmy-gimmys should help NYC liberals wake up. If not, add millions until they do.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Commenter typed: Nothing cures liberalism faster than becoming a victim of their own belief.

      I was carjacked at gunpoint by a young Black man and am still a liberal. Our area has welcomed some 70 thousand Bosnian migrants and I’m still a liberal. We have a Bosnian family in our neighborhood. Nice people. The gubmint takes a lot out in taxes. Still a liberal. I have rifles, shotguns and pistols, support gun control and still a liberal.

      • ruralcounsel says:

        Nobody said you were smart.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Solid argument.

          What circumstance made you a conservative? Or were you born that way?

      • Genocide Joe the commie says:

        and still a liberal.

        That’s because Elwood, you are not a liberal you are a diehard radical left communist. Big difference. I’m a traditional liberal I believe in freedom. You believe you have the right to control what everybody else does cause you think it’s right not because it is right.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Geno the Commie,

          You’re one who identifies as a commie!!

          Anyway, you believe the lies of the authoritarian Teflon Donnie.

  3. unklc says:

    Seems that guv Abbott is prepared for the lefty backlash and appears to have the law on his side. Something about the Commerce Clause and the Constitutional right to travel [upheld by SCOTUS] and these illegal aliens have been allowed in the country by Brandon. Don’t forget that the Delaware Dolt is seeking reelection and may just fold on this to minimize the damage it could cause if it gets legs in the organized media. If he can kick this to the curb quickly, the media will drop it’s coverage like a hot rock. Remember the immigration issue in the past couple of elections?

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