Pro-Hamas Protesters Get Violent, Try And Stop NYC Tree Lighting

A lot of the Credentialed News outlets ignored this. Many minimized it. The NY Times ignored it. Imagine if it was pro-Israel protesters: it’d be front page. Or Trump supporters

Pro-Palestinian protesters, one carrying swastika, swarm Midtown in bid to derail Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters swarmed the streets surrounding Rockefeller Center Wednesday, clashing with NYPD cops and chanting “river to the sea,” long seen as an antisemitic slogan, in an effort to derail the annual tree lighting in support of Gaza.

Waving Palestinian flags and signs calling for the “end to genocide,” the ralliers gathered along Sixth Avenue alongside hordes of tourists waiting in line to see the iconic ceremony.

Unable to get to the NYC Christmas tree, the enormous crowd instead swarmed around the tree outside the News Corp building, which houses The Post and Fox News, and has already been targeted by pro-Palestinian protesters on at least two occasions.

“Free free Palestine!” the protesters chanted.

What, exactly, do they mean? How do they free Palestine? Even right leaning news outlets fail to ask the “protesters” what they mean. The pro-Hamas group announced they would do this, so, there were quite a bit extra cops on hand, and they erected barriers. For a Christmas tree lighting

Additional NYPD units were called, law enforcement sources told The Post, adding that officers were being attacked.

“They should have shut it down. They lost control of the street. I was shoved, punched, kicked. It’s bullsh–t,” one cop caught in the fray said.

Another called it “complete chaos.”

Imagine Jews or Christians doing something like this at a Muslim religious ceremony: Muslims would completely riot, and the media would be running tons of opinion pieces decrying the Jews/Christians.

Jamie Fry, 42, who flew in from the United Kingdom to watch the tree-lighting spectacle said the protest was “very annoying.”

“I had planned my holiday around this event, being a big fan of Christmas. Now I’m walled in by a bunch of terrorist-loving a–holes calling for intifada,” Fry told The Post.

Yes, they are terrorist lovers.

They also disrupted a tree lighting in Seattle.

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9 Responses to “Pro-Hamas Protesters Get Violent, Try And Stop NYC Tree Lighting”

  1. captainfish says:

    this is only the beginning

  2. H says:

    Actually the protests were not at the Christmas tree. They were several blocks away at the News building on 5th Ave where Fox News is located.
    Only one swastika in a crowd of 1000s? There were more carried on Jan 6
    Doubt that jl?
    Just Google it yourself like a big boy

    • Jl says:

      Carbon boy-have I said anything about your post so far? Uh, no. But are you still doubting that you were totally wrong about your “Trump’s trillion dollar permanent tax cuts for the elites”? From your whining it sounds like you’re mad because you got called out on it. Truth is, you were called out on it long ago but were too lazy to look it up or your sources were crap.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    At least 7 pro-Palestinian protesters were arrested.

    Teach: Imagine Jews or Christians doing something like this at a Muslim religious ceremony

    Lighting a Christmas tree is a religious ceremony???

    I do feel sorry for Jamie Fry, the Brit who flew into NYC to watch the switching on of lights on a big tree.

    If you missed the lighting because of the protest, here it is. It happens about 45 sec in.

    Aside… Mr Teach, out of either ignorance or intent, conflates being pro-Palestinian with being pro-terrorism. One can be pro-Israeli AND pro-Palestinian.

    Some of the “good people” on one side of the Unite the Right riot in Charlottesville… Sieg heil!!!

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Rimjob always likes to apply Godwin’s Law to one side but not the other.

      #Bwaha! Lolgf

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        MyLilStalker gets to the party late, once again.

        The NY Post noted a pro-Palestinian miscreant with a swastika, and we noted the same at the MAGAt rally in Charlottesville VA.

        Remember, “Jews Won’t Replace US!”? MAGA, Hamas… see the similarities?

        A MAGAt stabbed a little Muslim boy 26 times and his mother a few times less. In Chicago. The little boy died, his mother survived.

        A MAGAt shot Americans of Palestinian descent in Burlington Vermont. All survived. So far.

        Is there a Christian jihad against American Muslims?

        The MAGAts are fooling no one. You hate anyone different from you. To you, Caucasian, Christian, Conservative men are superior to all others. You hate Jews, but hate Muslims more.

        • CarolAnn says:

          You’re such an expert on who other people hate and yet it seems like you hate more than anybody.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            I hate willful ignorance and wanton cruelty. I confess to being biased against belligerent, arrogant conservatives who lie but wouldn’t call it hate.

  4. Jl says:

    From yesterday’s news of the National Christmas tree “blowing”over.
    “Squirrel wearing MAGA hat seen scampering away from falling National Christmas tree..”

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