Bummer: Iran’s Failing To Fight Climate Doom Or Something

This is what the media worries about? Iran and global boiling? Not their support of terrorism and trying to gain nuclear weapons?

Iran Fails To Fight Climate Change As COP28 Takes Place Next Door

World leaders will begin to gather Thursday for two weeks of climate talks in the United Arab Emirates. Discussions will center around what governments need to do going forward to stop temperatures from rising beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius, a point that would have catastrophic impacts for the planet if passed.

This year, the United Nations climate change conference (COP28) is happening in Dubai, where just across the Persian Gulf this summer, heat indexes regularly exceeded 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit), a threshold that tests the limits for human survival, studies find. Oil workers in Iran’s southwestern province of Khuzestan illustrated the point by posting a video on social media showing themselves frying an omelette on the ground.

Wait, it gets really hot in that desert area? Huh

Iran’s environment is rapidly degrading. The Iranian population has endured droughts, floods, heatwaves, air pollution, dust storms and wildfires because of decades of mismanagement by the government. Climate change is causing these events to happen faster and harsher.

It’s always something with these cultists. You have a hardcore Islamist government which is great at whipping women but bad at governance, and they want to link in their cult.

The 1.5 degree goal was set during 2015’s COP21 in France and established by the Paris Agreement, a legally binding international treaty signed by almost every nation. Iran, Yemen and Libya are the only three countries that haven’t ratified the landmark Paris Agreement despite the fact that the Middle East is heating up much faster than other parts of the world, a trend that experts say threatens the livelihood and stability of respective communities.

Have you ever noticed that everywhere is always heating up faster than everywhere else? It just depends where they’re talking about, and Warmists are too brainwashed to question this.

Adding insult to injury, many cities across Iran ran out of water, making it that much harder to manage daily lives during the scorching heatwaves.

Several reasons are behind Iran’s water depletion over the years. First is the fact that “authorities have emptied the water resources in multiple areas for high number of dam building and unsustainable agricultural practices,” says Vahid Pourmardan, a former official at Iran’s Department of Environment.

Government incompetence, not climate doom. Of course, they do go on to blame/link Hotcoldwetdry.


Biden expected to miss global climate summit opening as young voters question his progress on climate change

President Joe Biden is not expected to attend the opening of the global climate summit in Dubai this week, according to a White House schedule of the president’s events.

Instead, top US officials, including special envoy John Kerry and White House National Climate Advisor Ali Zaidi, will go to the gathering, which will be attended by nearly 200 countries.

Please. It starts on a Thursday. Joe will be heading to Delaware for the weekend. He can’t function without taking the weekend off.

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  1. James Lewis says:

    I’d say Iran is smarter than all the idiots attending COP2B.

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