IDF Spokesman Says Israel Is Following Hamas Big Wigs Around The World

Excellent. I hope they’re worried, because they should be. But, first

Israel-Gaza hostages – latest: 24 captives including women and children released by Hamas

Israeli security officials said late on Friday they were reviewing a list of the potential next wave of hostages who could be released in the coming days.

Earlier on Friday, a total of 24 hostages were released from Gaza and transported through the Rafah crossing into Egypt after seven weeks in captivity.

The exchange is the beginning phase of an agreement expected to free upwards of 50 captives of Hamas.

The militant group released 13 Israeli women and children to the Red Cross Friday afternoon as Hamas and Israel maintained a temporary ceasefire, while 39 Palestinian women and teen boys have been released so far from Israeli detention in return.

Unfortunately, the scumbag terrorists got many of their terrorists back. Maybe Israel loaded them up with something that will secretly kill them soon?

IDF is following Hamas leaders around the world, spokesperson warns

IDF spokesman R-Adm. Daniel Hagari on Friday night referred to senior Hamas officials, saying that “they are being followed around in Gaza and around the world.”

Hagari’s warning signals to the Hamas leadership in Qatar and around the world that the IDF will pursue them wherever they are.

This calls back to several famous Israeli operations to eliminate the masterminds of terror attacks against Israelis, such as those operations that took place in the wake of the Munich Massacre.

The Mossad stopped doing this mostly after the Oslo accords, but, will still doing it now and then. Mostly they wack them in Gaza

If Hagari’s announcement signals a new era in targeted killings abroad, this could mean that the senior Hamas members holed up in Qatar suddenly find that they are unable to go about their daily lives without looking over their shoulders.

Whether they will or won’t, it will freak those senior terrorist leaders out, forcing them to change what they do. The Mossad could simply show up and act like they’re doing something. But, I suspect many of those senior Hamas leaders are soon going to have accidents.

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2 Responses to “IDF Spokesman Says Israel Is Following Hamas Big Wigs Around The World”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    I suspect the Hamas “elites” do have reason to worry! Perhaps the US can persuade Qatar to extradite Hamas leaders to the US for potential prosecution.

    Does Mr Teach approve of Israeli operatives assassinating Hamas leaders in the US?

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Which US President is responsible for the most covert operation assassinations of Islamic terrorists?

    You’re right! President Barack Hussein Obama! By far!

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