Bummer: World Is Totally Failing To Comply With Climate Cult Efforts To Stop Climate Doom

How dare governments not crack down on the peasants?

This is how far behind the world is on controlling planet-warming pollution

The hottest year on record is coming to a close, emissions of planet-warming gases are still rising globally, and the most ambitious climate goal set by world leaders is all but impossible to meet, according to a new analysis by the United Nations.

The annual report from the U.N. Environment Programme lays out how far behind the world is on controlling planet-warming pollution, most of which comes from burning oil, gas and coal.

The numbers are sobering and arrive less than two weeks before world leaders are set to gather in Dubai for the annual U.N. climate negotiations.

Between 2021 and 2022, global greenhouse gas emissions grew about 1%, the analysis finds. Emissions need to fall as quickly as possible to avoid catastrophic climate impacts such as runaway sea level rise, unsurvivable heat in some areas and mass extinction of plants and animals, scientists warn.

Always the doom with these people

Right now, the world is headed for at least 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit of warming this century compared to global temperatures in the late 1800s. That assumes that countries will do everything they have currently promised under the Paris climate agreement, including things that some governments have said they’ll only do if wealthy countries follow through on promises to help foot the bill. For example, helping to pay for renewable energy infrastructure in less wealthy nations.

If such conditions aren’t met, the planet is headed for more than 5 degrees Fahrenheit of warming, the analysis finds.

The world went up a mild 1.5F since 1850, and we’re supposed to believe it will just another 3 to 3.5F? Notice they failed to provide a date.

Anyhow, let’s do some math

Nine-in-ten Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say the U.S. should prioritize developing alternative energy sources to address America’s energy supply. Among Republicans and Republican leaners, 42% support developing alternative energy sources, while 58% say the country should prioritize expanding exploration and production of oil, coal and natural gas.

So, if 81 million people voted for Joe Biden, and 9 in 10 want to Do Something, that means 72.9 million of them should sell their fossil fueled vehicles and buy EVs. Or take the bus. Walk. Buy an electric scooter. They can all downgrade to tiny homes and apartments, handwash and line dry their clothes. No more carbon pollution infused beer and champagne. Only wear 2nd hand clothes. No ice makers. No meat. And, if hey all did that, and the Warmists in other nations all went Net Zero, then, according to their sermons the world would be saved, right?

And they could just leave the rest of us the F alone.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: World Is Totally Failing To Comply With Climate Cult Efforts To Stop Climate Doom”

  1. H says:

    How much warmer is the Earth now, than when you were born 55 years ago? Does that indicate to you that the Earth is NOT earning now at the same rate it was in 1850?
    What do you think is causing that rate to increase?

    • Jl says:

      Carbon offset boy-we’ve already shown you other theories. Is this like your “trillions in permanent tax cuts for the elites” BS that you continued to lie about?
      And again, the rate of change was faster earlier in the Holocene.

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