Hundreds Of Pro-Hamas Nutters Mob Biden’s Delaware House

Perhaps this was the wrong weekend for Biden to have blown out of D.C. yet again. However, I wonder if he did make it. The schedule had him arriving at 1:25 PM Saturday, and much of the protest started well before that

Hundreds of pro-Palestine protestors descend on Biden’s Delaware mansion to demand ceasefire – as president declares war and death are ‘part of our American story’ at Veterans Day service

Hundreds of pro-Palestine protestors descended on President Biden’s Delaware mansion to demonstrate against US support for Israel in the conflict in the Middle East.

Footage from outside the sprawling Wilmington property saw dozens of Palestine flags flying alongside signs accusing the White House of facilitating genocide in Gaza.

‘Biden, Biden, you can’t hide! We charge you with genocide!’ the crowd chanted, as well as: ‘In November we will remember.’

The protestors stormed the area outside Biden’s property from Saturday morning to demand a ceasefire in Gaza, which has seen over 11,000 deaths in retaliatory strikes from Israel.

Among the speakers at Biden’s home was left-wing activist Linda Sarsour, who sparked backlash in 2017 after urging Muslims to wage ‘holy war’ against the Trump administration and used the term ‘jihad’.

All the nutters were there, and this was my favorite

Party for Socialism And Liberation. They’re a super radical group founded and based out of, shockingly, San Francisco. They’re very much into communist dictators, and are “advocates for the complete abolition of capitalism and its replacement with socialism.” Do they actually think that the Islamists will actually embrace their beliefs and treat them as equals? Or, just as Useful Idiots who will be beheaded in a Caliphate? Especially all those LGBTQwhatever folks that are part of the PSL?

Seriously, when you feed the gators they might eat you last, but, they will eat you. And gators do not actually care if you’re hooking them up with food. You’re also food. In fairness to Biden, he has been on Israel’s side, though, he has tried to patronize his wackjob base by yammering about Islamophobia. But, the U.S. government has let in way, way too many Islamists from around the world over the years, who refuse to assimilate and have kept their radical views.

And we get this

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4 Responses to “Hundreds Of Pro-Hamas Nutters Mob Biden’s Delaware House”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    This is because the rule of law only applies to MAGA. The rest of the country is free to riot, burn, loot, steal, and destroy at their leisure.

    Incidentally, the FBI is arresting/investigating a few lefties like Adams and Senator Menendez for violations so they can set the tone for arresting Trump. So stand ready to watch Trump be thrown in jail on bogus charges because they can.

    This is so transparent it is not funny. Hunter Biden has done worse, and they are ignoring him because they know discovery leads to the Biden Brother and Biden himself and ultimately 2/3rds of the staff that currently assist Biden, which are OBAMA’S former staffers when he was president, most of whom enriched themselves in Ukraine.

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    World, N.H. Voters: ‘I Will Be Your Peacemaker’

    Picking up endorsements and speaking at a Veterans Day New Hampshire rally, former President Donald Trump vowed to be America’s “peacemaker.” “To me, peace through strength is not just a political slogan, it is a moral duty — and it is my commitment to you, the American people,” Trump told his Claremont rally Saturday. “As president, I will restore American strength, power, and prestige — and I will be your peacemaker in the Oval Office.”

    THIS… why the establishment hates Trump. He is not beholden to them. His presidency does not hinge on their money telling him what to do or Trump being forced to take Pfizer’s picks to be on his staff. Or lockneed Martians picks to be on his staff.

  3. Doom and Gloom says:

    Come on FBI. Surely you work on Sundays and can approve my posts since I did not call for revolution and never would.

    Here is another post that I am sure you guys will be wringing your hands and plotting how to make Trump pay for being popular.

    “Among Black voters, for example, he’s gone from 12% during the election in 2020 to 27% now; and among Latinos, he’s gone from 26[%] to 39[%],” Morris told Cosby. “So it’s been huge. Gen Z, under 25, flipped from minus 10 to plus 10.

    I would imagine GEN Z (20 percent flip for Trump) who are fearing the draft are those that are flipping to Trump since Trump is ANTI-WAR and wants to be our peacemaker, and even if they DON’T vote well that is votes Biden doesn’t get.

    • CarolAnn says:

      Would you like to bet that the day after the election when genocide joe, after spending six months in his basement and amassing crowds of dozens, Elwood will be at the Pirates Cove celebrating robinette’s victory with 96 million votes?

      Followed up with six months of comments screaming prove it prove it show me the evidence prove it show me the evidence when we call the election a fraud again.

      You can always count on brainwashed communists to follow their leader in lockstep.

      Meanwhile while they conspired to take away trump’s freedom and property I still haven’t seen one person indicted on Epstein’s client list have you? And while they rush to see if they can coordinate the 72,000 Trump trials to coincide with the election I’m still waiting to see any Biden indicted or brought to trial for anything and that’s been at least five years.

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