EV Sales So Bad In Deep Republican State Of Colorado That Government Offers Extra Incentives

Darned Republicans always having to be difficult when listening to Biden and other Warmists just wanting to do What’s Best For The Planet

State offers residents major incentive to give up their gas cars: ‘It’s one we hope to have in existence for years’

Electric vehicleColorado is offering residents an extra $6,000 rebate for driving new electric vehicles through the Vehicle Exchange Colorado Program.

The Centennial State began accepting applications on Aug. 31 for EV rebates up to $6,000 for new vehicles and up to $4,000 for used ones, according to Electrek. To qualify for the program, drivers must turn in gas-guzzling cars that are either at least 12 years old or have failed emissions tests.

The best part is that these Colorado-exclusive rebates don’t cancel out or overlap with federal programs, which means that they can be stacked on top of a $7,500 credit from the Inflation Reduction Act for a total of $13,500 in savings on your EV.

The state aims to reach just under 1 million electric cars (940,000) by 2030. It has around 90,000 to date, which means it still has a ways to go in the next seven years.

Wait, 12 years old or failed emissions? How many would that be? And, let’s be honest, most who have those vehicles that old or with bad emissions really can’t afford a new or used EV. Nor would they have the credit. Sure, some have them because they want to, but, they are rarely going to be anything they want to trade in/sell for an EV.

Certain income-related qualifications limit who can access the program. Your household’s income must be under 80 percent of your area’s median income. This is because the program specifically targets lower-income drivers, as opposed to people who can already afford to drive EVs. Boulder, Colorado, residents in four-person households must make under $106,240 to qualify for the rebate. The complete list of county-specific parameters can be found here.

The average income of those who purchase EVs is $150k to $300K. The average price of an EV is almost $54K, around $5K more than a gas powered vehicle. The base price of a Chevy Bolt is $32,495. A tiny vehicle which slow charges.

The cost of the EV in question must also be under $50,000 after all the rebates and discounts, according to Electrek.

Who can afford that? Plus, don’t forget that auto insurance is around 25% more than a gas vehicle.

Program manager Ed Piersa told The Denver Post that the program will be “beneficial to all Coloradans.”

Why is this any of government’s business? If people want to buy, let them buy. If not, piss off and mind your own business.

BTW, where’s all the energy going to come from?

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6 Responses to “EV Sales So Bad In Deep Republican State Of Colorado That Government Offers Extra Incentives”

  1. Dana says:

    Coloradans gave 55.40% of their votes to the dolt from Delaware; why aren’t 55.40% of new car sales for plug-in electric vehicles?

    Oh, now I get it: they think that other people should drive Teslas and Chevy Dolts, but, for themselves, well there’s always a special reason to buy a gasoline powered vehicle, right?

  2. alanstorm says:

    Colorado taxpayers are offering residents an extra $6,000 rebate for driving new electric vehicles through the Vehicle Exchange Colorado Program.

    There, that’s more accurate.

  3. alanstorm says:

    Program manager Ed Piersa told The Denver Post that the program will be “beneficial to all Coloradans.”

    “Spending YOUR money on something that will have NO discernable effect on Global Whining, while enriching our enemies because mining and manufacturing are verboten in this country by government fiat, will be ‘beneficial to all Coloradans.’”

    Translation provided free of charge. Imbuing that with logic…that’s a MUCH harder task.

    • L'Roy White says:

      That’s the same logic that permeates almost all leftist ideas and policies. That’s why they make such profound communists.

  4. A Real Life geologist says:

    Researchers first detected a strange peak in methane emissions in 2006, but until now, it was unclear where the gas was leaking from and if it constituted a novel trend. This dramatic spike in atmospheric methane over the past 16 years may be a sign that Earth’s climate could flip within decades, scientists have warned.

    Large amounts of methane wafting from tropical wetlands into Earth’s atmosphere could trigger warming similar to the “termination” events that ended ice ages, replacing frosty expanses of tundra with tropical savanna, a new study finds.

    “A termination is a major reorganization of the Earth’s climate system,” study lead author Euan Nisbet, a professor emeritus of Earth sciences at Royal Holloway, University of London, told Live Science. “These repeated changes have taken the world from ice ages into the sort of interglacial we have now.”

    Every ice age ended with a Methane spike that terminated the then-current and ongoing ice age. The last one was 11,000 years ago putting us into an interglacial.

    I point this out to say that our climate is indeed changing and preparing for it is not a bad thing. However, the novel concept that we must toss out the baby with the bathwater to build EVs, wind, solar, and end fossil fuels is the prescription for armageddon.

    This is where the argument of expanding geography comes into play. Nations that have summarily struggled are likely to become powerful. Russia, Tibet, China, Central Africa, the Middle East, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand to name a few will be profoundly affected by a warming less arid climate. Climate change can and probably will empower the Middle East and much of Africa. The earth is making way for more land to provide more resources to feed, clothe, and shelter the populace.

    EVs might one day be the future but today they are not because of the infancy of the technology and the inherent limitations and design flaws of these vehicles.

    I would only conclude by saying that in 100 years the world will surely be different. Not at an end or facing Armageddon unless you consider the end to be a vastly weakened and impoverished America and a powerful and strong Africa and the Middle East. The children and grandchildren of those in the EU and the USA who are empowering the poor by opening their borders will one day wish they could live in Central America. And the ancestors of those flooding into the USA will begin migrating to Canada and Chile.

    Our climate, geography, and populace will always be changing. Those who can prepare the best for these changes will win. Building EVs is not the way to plan for a future world. Building the infrastructure to last and an economy that thrives in adversity is the key to power in the coming decades.

    Unfortunately, those who seek these changes have been militant in their efforts which raises the cackles of those who otherwise could care less if something changes. Today’s political climate is eerily similar to that of our current digital age defined by 1’s and zeros. Either you are for something or against it. There is no middle ground in today’s political landscape.

    Unfortunately, our leaders seem more interested in lining their pockets than they are in ensuring a strong nation for the next 250 years.

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