Unsurprising: Jew Working For UK Guardian Feels Unsafe

This isn’t the stupid Millennial/GenZ type, but, real danger. But, first this from an Islamic extremist who works at the UK Guardian

Pro-Palestine rallies aren’t ‘hate marches’ – they’re an expression of solidarity, helplessness and frustration

As the streets fill with ever-increasing numbers of pro-Palestine supporters – and with a large protest planned in central London next weekend – British politicians and commentators are coming up with new ways of describing what is happening: from “hate marches”, in the words of home secretary Suella Braverman, to empty displays of “virtue signalling”. The prime minister, Rishi Sunak, has already called next weekend’s march, which coincides with Armistice Day, “provocative and disrespectful”. But each attempt to cast this movement as menacing is really a refusal to try to understand what is going on. The truth is that a large number of people in Britain can feel strongly about the situation in Gaza while not being “obsessed” with Palestine or motivated by terrorist sympathies.

You can read the rest, but, the very fact is, when the protesters are explicitly calling to kill Jews and destroy Israel, it’s not peaceful. What are they frustrated with, that it’s taking so long to kill Jews and erase Israel?

I’m a Jew at ‘The Guardian.’ I Don’t Feel Safe at Work.

I wake up on October 7 to a text from my brother-in-law: “Thoughts are with your family in Israel. I hope everyone is safe.”

I check the news. Hamas has entered southern Israel. They’re in a kibbutz. My partner’s family is in that kibbutz. His cousin is nine months pregnant. He’s in contact with them; they’re in the safe room. Terrorists are outside.

I check social media. Reports of hostages, maybe three. I check again; perhaps ten.

There is a long bit about how concerned he/she is, and how helpless over all these people he/she knows.

I look at the papers the next day. The newspaper I work for has a tank on the front page: ‘Hundreds die and hostages held as Hamas assault shocks Israel’—victorious terrorists hold a Palestinian flag. The subheading reads ‘Netanyahu declares war as 150 Israelis die. 230 Palestinians killed in air strikes.’

I don’t understand. I know people, Israelis, who were murdered. They did not “die,” as if in some kind of accident. I saw footage of terrorism. It was not an “assault.” (snip)

On Monday I go to work. How are your family, a colleague asks. When I answer, she squirms. Can’t they just leave, my colleague says. No, they can’t actually.

I look at the morning newsletter for the newspaper I work for. It breaks down the number of dead Palestinian children. It does not mention dead Israeli children. (snip)

I see a colleague who had posted about “decolonization” all over social media over the weekend. They’re laughing with the rest of their team. They’re having a great day. I used to love their podcast, full of hot takes and celeb gossip. Now they’ve evolved into an expert on the Middle East. It doesn’t look like their family is in the middle of it, though.

It’s a rather long piece, worth the read, and the gist is that the UK Guardian and so many of the leftists (and the paper has never been scared to show that they are leftists) do hate Israel and Jews. It’s a big problem for the Socialists/Marxists/Progressives/whatever you want to call them.

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  1. BigJymn says:

    The Jews should; at minimal; experience the same levels of fear that they have forced on the rest of humanity.

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