Sanctuary City Denver Spending Millions To Send Illegals Somewhere Else

This is so weird. You’d think SCD would go all out to take care of the illegals

Denver spends millions of dollars on plane, bus and train tickets for migrants to other cities

As thousands of migrants pour into Denver, CBS News Colorado has learned the city is buying bus, train and even plane tickets to send many of them somewhere else.

Over the last year, Denver has spent nearly $4.5 million transporting more than 12,000 migrants out-of-state.

“We say, ‘where do you want to go?’ and then we buy them a ticket, usually by bus, and get them on their way,” says Jon Ewing, a spokesperson for Denver Human Services.

He provided a spreadsheet showing the city has transported migrants to virtually every major city in the country over the last year. It’s not only sent them to big cities but smaller ones like Wilson, North Carolina. Most of them have gone to Chicago, New York and Salt Lake City. It’s also sent several hundred migrants to Texas, which has bused 6,600 migrants to Colorado since May according to Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

“We feel that it’s the right thing to do to get them to where they actually want to be,” says Ewing. “If you looked at it in crude financial terms, meaning, if they stayed here for a few weeks and didn’t even want to be here, then we’d be paying to support and shelter them here and they didn’t even want to be here.”

Apparently the SCD doesn’t want them to be in Denver, either.

He says Denver sending migrants to other cities is entirely different than Texas sending them here: “The difference is we’re actually asking them where they want to go.”

But he admits they also don’t give other cities a heads up: “There’s just no way for us to coordinate on that scale. It’s just unfeasible. And it’s only for one or two tickets, often, per day.”

So, they just show up? Hasn’t Abbott been slammed for doing that? Oh, but it’s different if a Democrat does it.

He says the city has spent more than $31 million on migrants overall since last December and transportation represents about 14% of the total.

He says the city has spent just over $12 million on personnel, $7.5 million on shelter and $4.8 million on food: “We need support here. Denver cannot do this alone.”

Isn’t that what a sanctuary city wants? Isn’t that what people who believe in unfettered illegal immigration want? Or just want for Other Places?

And in Sanctuary City Chicago

On the eve of a major meeting in Brighton Park, and just hours until migrant families are set to move into a shelter in West Town, a group of Englewood residents is calling on the city to turn migrant buses around.

Held at the Center of Englewood, a group of residents attended what was dubbed a ‘Stop the Buses’ rally.

Hosted by the Black American Voters Project and NumbersUSA, panelists shared how they feel immigration negatively impacts Black Americans.


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5 Responses to “Sanctuary City Denver Spending Millions To Send Illegals Somewhere Else”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    They should be sent home.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    Another idea would be to resettle all of them onto some of that unused government land out west. Let them settle it, farm it, raise cattle, etc. let them build their own cities and towns. Oh, but if they had that much ability, then they would have contributed it to their HOME countries.

  3. h says:

    OMG !!! Denver spent 0.825% of its total city budget on migrants!!!
    Prof Hale many of the recent migrants come from Venezuela. There for a variety or reasons their college degrees are unable to give them jobs. Those people fleeing “socialism: there, come here hoping to be able to find rewarding work. The Biden economy can easily, 3.9% unemployment, can easily accept them. Remember low unemployment (less than the targeted 4% rate drives up wages and inflation)
    If the undocumented are sent home, will you and Teach take their places as agricultural workers? Because of a labor shortage CA ag workers are now getting 15 to 20$ per hour driving up grocery prices.

    • alanstorm says:

      OMG !!! Denver spent 0.825% of its total city budget on migrants!!!

      In a “Dog Bites Man” moment, H manages to miss the point. Again. I know the rest of you were shocked.

  4. Jl says:

    OMG-Johnny, if such a small percentage of their budget then why are they trying to send them somewhere else? And what does a budget have to do with them being here illegally, besides nothing?
    “Illegals coming from Venezuela with college degrees..” So? Does that make them legal?
    With a college degree you’d think they’d be smart enough to learn how to come here legally.
    But can we send the ones being shipped out of Denver to your house?

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