Sanctuary City Chicago Residents Sue To Stop Illegal Alien Tent City

Funny how the Brighton Park neighborhood overwhelmingly votes Democrat, which means support for unfettered illegal immigration, doesn’t want them in their own neighborhood

Chicago residents sue city to stop plans for migrant tent camp

Neighbors in Brighton Park took a drastic measure to stop a migrant tent base camp from being erected in their backyard.

They filed a lawsuit against Mayor Brandon Johnson and the City of Chicago to stop the camp from going up.

CBS 2’s Sabrina Franza spoke with the attorney representing the neighbors and had the latest on what the move meant for construction after the city already signed a lease.

It was the second lawsuit filed by a group of Chicago residents against the mayor’s office to stop migrants from moving into their neighborhoods.

“We don’t want no camps in here,” said Ermelina Quiles, one of the plaintiffs. “I hope we win.”

The attorney representing residents in Brighton Park told CBS 2 he hopes the lawsuit has teeth, especially because the city has already signed a lease for a large lot at 38th and California.

The lawsuit alleged that the plan for the site ignores city code and zoning law and asked for a temporary, and eventually a permanent, injunction against putting a migrant tent base camp there to prevent what residents called “irreparable harm.”

The city has shown zero plans to put these migrant tent cities or house them any other way in the upscale and fancy todo neighborhoods of Chicago, just working class and poor neighborhoods. And this neighborhood has a lot of migrants in it, but, they’re the ones who, get this, came to the country legally.

Meanwhile in Denver

Migrant shelter conditions in Denver have some ready to leave sooner

Hundreds of migrants are being discharged from city-funded shelters in Denver, but many others are still living in them.

Many migrants FOX31 has spoken to are desperate to get out on their own and earn a living without breaking the law. One mother, Abdiel Araujo, has a 10-month-old baby, and her family has days left in a shelter.

Araujo came to Denver with her husband and child. The three have been living in a shelter, but her experience has her wanting a new life — one that won’t be easy to get.

“I would prefer to leave the shelter sooner rather than later,” Araujo said.

Lots of complaints, but, they showed up illegally. They failed to attempt the legal process to come to the United States. If they do not like the conditions, the door is at the Southern border. Leave.

Back to Chicago, as I ran across this piece by the Chicago Tribune editorial board while cruising Real Clear Politics after I already set the post to post at 1030

Editorial: Chicago can be a ‘sanctuary city,’ sure. Just not in my backyard.

Two uncomfortable but incontrovertible truths are becoming evident about Chicago and its relationship with the thousands of migrants who have arrived here in recent weeks

One is that tents are inadequate when it comes to keeping families warm, obvious now as an unseasonable freeze took hold on Halloween.

The second is that Chicago is far more comfortable with its sanctuary city designation in the abstract than it is when the notion of hundreds of migrants coming to someone’s specific neighborhood is floated.

It’s a long piece, but, yes, like so many things Democrat, they’re super excited to push issues and back initiatives as long as it doesn’t actually affect their own lives. Unfortunately, the editors are missing the point. No one should have to shoulder the burden, and the burden doesn’t need to be spread out. Texas governor Greg Abbott made sure that the burden was spread to designated sanctuary cities. What should happen is that the border is shut down as much as possible, and the asylum system is ended for the time being. We have too many here already, along with bringing in all sorts of refugees who do not seem interested in assimilating.

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  1. MrToad says:

    Chicago’s “sanctuary policy” has been codified and on the books since the 80’s. My first question is “Why now and not 35 or 40 years ago? There’s been no policy change.”

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