Rashida Tlaib Posts Video Calling From The End Of The Jewish State

We keep letting in people who do not share our values and are aligned with Islamic terrorists

You get this

She, like so many, tries to gaslight on the saying. In full it goes “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”. It came about in the late 1940’s after the creation of Israel, and Palestinians were not happy. That’s understandable. It was less involved with religion and more about land back then, and it was, in fact, a call to replace Israel with an Arab nation of Palestinians. This was later adopted by the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a recognized terrorist organization who was bent on destroying Israel and kicking out the Jews. It has been adopted by many after to mean exactly that. Hamas has fully adopted it and their meaning is exactly to remove the Jews from Israel by any means necessary.

I don’t always agree with James Joyner, but, he makes a good point

In a new-deleted post, a scholar associated with the Harvard Kennedy School asserted that pro-Palestinian protestors who have no desire to see Israeli Jews harmed were carrying signs with the slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

responded, “Is there a version of ‘From the river to the sea’ that doesn’t end the existence of a Jewish state?”

To which he immediately replied, “I am not going to engage in this kind of convo.” (snip)

I don’t think my initial assertion was antagonistic, or even controversial. Any search for a history of the phrase “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is anti-Zionist. Most are from Jewish-leaning sites, where it’s painted as an eliminationist slogan. The most forgiving, pro-Palestinian accounts portray it as a call for a single Palestine in which Arabs and Jews can live together in peace. But, even if we take that version at face value, it, by definition, means the end of a Jewish state.

Even the most optimistic versions, which are what you mostly get when searching because of the algorithms, end with Palestinians in charge of all of Israel. Yeah, they might be letting Jews stick around (they won’t), but, they will be 2nd class citizens in what Hamas and others want to be a Muslim nation. Just like their backers in Iran.

How did it come to have Islamic extremists in the United State Congress? Let’s not forget that these Islamists also despise the U.S.

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30 Responses to “Rashida Tlaib Posts Video Calling From The End Of The Jewish State”

  1. CarolAnn says:

    I do hope the pro Palestinian Elwood watches that video. Not that it would make a difference. I mean after all we’ve given him videos of people cheating in the election he ignores them. We’ve shown him affidavits of people who have witnessed election fraud he ignores them. We’ve shown them numbers the statistics relating to the COVID hoax he ignored them. He’s seen the films and the news reports about the burning down of 20 cities bye Democrats cause let’s face it all those blacks weren’t republican and he ignores that. We’re showing them videos of hundreds of people marching on the capital to protest an election which is their solemn right as Americans and he calls them insurrectionist. A 50 year old woman in a wheelchair is insurrectionist yeah.

    He like most of the left determines what they wanna determines what they wanna believe and ignores the rest. So I am sure his love for Palestinians and rabid murdering Muslims everywhere will be just as strong after seeing that video.

    Because as Elwood would have said 1940, well I have a Nazi living next door to me and he’s a wonderful guy he gave my kids trick or treat candy. That makes Nazis good. The fact that that good Nazi was supporting those bad Nazis in the battlefield makes no difference to him.

    Now that the Nazis Elwood supports in the Zaleskiiii regime are getting their butts kicked all over Ukraine Elwood should be happy he has a new war to root for. and as usual he’s on the side of the evil rather than the good. But then again communists Nazis and Muslims have always associated together so why not now?

    From the river to the sea right Elwood?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      I watched the video. So what? Rep Tlaid claimed that Palestinian Americas would not vote for President Biden in 2024.

      The debate over partition predates the formation of the state of Israel in 1948. A plan put forward a year earlier by the United Nations to divide the territory into a Jewish state – occupying 62 percent of the former British mandate – and a separate Palestinian state was rejected by Arab leaders at the time.

      Upon its creation by diaspora Palestinians in 1964 under the leadership of Yasser Arafat, the PLO called for the establishment of a single state that extend from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea to encompass its historic territories.

      More than 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes in what became known as the Nakba, or “catastrophe”.

      The PLO leadership later accepted the prospect of a two-state solution, but the failure of the Oslo peace process in 1993 and of United States attempts to broker a final deal at Camp David in 2000 leading up to a second Intifada, the mass Palestinian uprising, have since resulted in a hardening of attitudes.

      So the phrase (which rhymes in English but not Arabic) is some 60 years old, and the idea was rejected by the PLO leadership some 30 years ago!!! Today, college kids in the West scream a phrase that moderate Palestinians no long accept! And no, Hamas, Hezbolleh and their Iranian backers are not moderate, they are terrorists. We know, we know, this is complex.

      The meaning of “Palestine will be free” depends on who you ask.

      Nimer Sultany, a lecturer in law at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, said the adjective expresses “the need for equality for all inhabitants of historic Palestine”.

      “Those who support apartheid and Jewish supremacy will find the egalitarian chant objectionable,” Sultany, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, told Al Jazeera.

      Most Israelis and American MAGAts find the chant threatening.

      Islam is a religion not a brutal white, christian supremacist movement like Nazism. Not all Germans were Nazis. Not all white christians were Nazis. CarolAnn puts her bigotry on display by attributing murderous tendencies to all Muslims. Not all MAGAts are insurrectionists. Should we deport all MAGAts just because a minority tried to overthrow the United States? MAGAzism is a violent movement.

      The Netanyahu and MAGAt solution is to kill all Palestinian Muslims, which IS genocide.

      Do you have inside information on Ukraine? MAGAts have always refused to stand up to Lil Pootie, ’cause he’s “strong”. There are more Nazis in the MAGAt Party than in Ukraine!!

      • Brother John says:

        No, we find “chants” irritating and infantile.

        Although, when people tell you they’re going to do something — e.g., wipe a sovereign nation off the map — you should take them at their word, whether or not they’re a bunch of low-IQ, uncivilized animals.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Were you in Charlottesville chanting “Jews won’t replace us!”? How about, “Lock her up!”? “YOU won’t replace us!”?, “Blood and Soil!”, “Hail Trump!”, “White Lives Matter!”, “Russia is our friend!”, “Send her )Omar) back!”, “Fill that seat!”.

          No, WE find chants irritating and infantile. MAGAts love ’em.

          We agree that when a bunch of low-IQ, uncivilized animals tells us something, we should listen.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            No, we find Rimjob irritating and infantile like a spoiled little 12yr old.

          • Brother John says:

            No, don’t claim to be annoyed. The terrorists, Marxists, and idiots you support are the ones doing the chanting.

            As for Charlottesville, you’re just chasing a red herring.

            Are you telling me white lives *don’t* matter? Doesn’t that make you the racist asshole?

      • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

        You need to define exactly who you’re calling MAGATs. Are they only the people who support Trump and if so the ones that support him now are the ones that supported him before? Or are they every republican that ever lived all the way back to the civil war? Because many times I have been pro Trump and many times I have switched. Am I a MAGAT? Or would I’d be one because I consider a strong border important, controlled immigration essential, and not getting entangled in foreign wars especially run by communists and Nazis common sense?

        Seems to me that the only ones who can’t stand up to Putin are you lefties. Although you do have a soft spot in your heart cause it used to be a communist like you. But you refused to forgive him from leaving communism. We understand that cause you consider him a traitor to your cause. And as far as anybody other than a leftist being closer to Nazis that very thought is ludicrous. Nazis are nationalist socialists notice the word socialist that makes them lefties like you. You can try and get yourself an arm length from them but you just can’t cause Nazis are leftists they are socialists they were born out of socialism and they died in socialism. So there’s no way any republican any maga republican as you call them are anybody other then a true blue son of the hammer and sickle like you red flag communist Democrat would have anything to do positively with Putin.

        Sadly Hamas and the Palestinians have shown your true colors you’re Muslim terrorist supporters, nazi supporters and in your heart you’ve always been nothing but communist. So you’re un American that’s not a crime. Put in cure case you come off as a true 5th columnist a real throwback to the bund and a true believer in anything and everything un white, un Christian, un Jewish, and un American.

        Ever since you stole the election you’ve been bullying Americans around and I’m tired of it. I do hope you get your comeuppance soon. You really make lousy leaders could you don’t lead by example you lead by threat and bullying. Nobody interrupted anything you just perpetuate the lies just like you do with the COVID like you did with the laptop and like you do with everything else.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Yes, you are a MAGAt. Anyone still braying that the election was stolen is a MAGAt.

          You are dumber and more violent than the average MAGAt though.

      • Dana says:

        Even our socialist from St Louis recognizes that Hamas is evil, evil, evil; give him credit for that. His biggest problem is realizing what conservatives know, that there are some ‘moderate’ Palestinians with whom one can sensibly deal. While some Palestinians might be more ‘moderate’ in some beliefs, the simple fact is that they have all been propagandized to hate the Jews.

        It’s like a moderate Democrat, such as Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV). No, he doesn’t hold the wild-eyed leftist positions of much of the Washington Democrats, but he still votes for the Democratic leadership that controls the Senate. Not all Gazans hold Hamas’ extreme positions, but they still keep Hamas in power.

        More, nice guy that he is, he has fallen into the trap of modernist thinking that we can fight wars against the soldiers of our enemies but not harm the larger civilian population. Were Kye, a Vietnam veteran, to visit here, he could tell Mr Dowd the tremendous difficulties the US had in distinguishing between the guerrilla fighters, the Viet Cong, and the surrounding Vietnamese people.

        But even the non-Viet Cong population supported the Cong who were living among them, providing them with food, water, clothing and concealment from the Army. So it is with the Gazans: Hamas live among them and hide among them and are supported by them. Even if some of that support is due to fear of Hamas, there is hatred of the Israelis, and the Gazans would rather help Hamas than collaborate with the Jews.

        The only way to fight Hamas is to fight the Palestinian population, to do to them what the Allies did to the Germans and Japanese, to burn and bomb and kill until the Gazans, whether they support Hamas or not, can’t supply and conceal them. And after Germany and Japan were defeated, we occupied those countries, took over their education systems, and educated the kids growing up, and the adults who were still the shell-shocked survivors, into our ways of Western civilization. We forcibly ‘de-Nazified’ Germany.

        Mr Dowd won’t like that, but even he recognizes that that is how we won World War II, and how the silly ideas of a ‘cleaner,’ ‘nicer’ war helped us to lose in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Afghanistan.

        We Americans have a simplistic notion that we can all just get along, we can all just be nice guys, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anywhere in which Western civilization clashes with the barbarism of Asia.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          The honorable Kommunist from Kentucky and I must disagree. Killing all the Palestinian children will not solve the problem as Mr Dana believes.

          Vietnam, Iraq nor Afghanistan attacked the US and were not global threats.

          Anyway, Mr Dana should be pleased that Netanyahu is taking his advice and is killing as many Palestinians throughout Gaza as he can. In addition, violent West Bank Israeli settlers have killed over 130 Palestinians, including 41 children, the past 3 weeks.

          To konservative Amerikans, the only good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian! The only good Muslim, is a dead Muslim!!

  2. H says:

    Hamas is supported by the major fossil fuel exporters including Russia, and the Gulf Rabs. These are the same nations that support the leader of the GOP. These countries are also the ones that control the price that we pay for gasoline here in the USA.
    Israel has sent military aid to Ukraine, but CarolAnn calls them Nazis. Israeli volunteers have fought in Ukraine, CarolAnn is accusing Israel of backing Nazis? CarolAnn must live in Bzzaro land No court in the USA including those under Trump appointed judges, has ever found any significant fraud in our elections. Not all Republicans are Nazis, but all American Nazis voted Republican. In 1940 it was the rightwing of both political parties who refused to allow Jewish migrants to enter the country. It was the tightwing including Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh and Prescott Bush (George W Bush’s grandfather) who praised Hitler. Like Teach I think CarolAnn also learned her “history” from watching war movies. Both Tlaib and AOC are Democrats. Neither are leaders of that party nor do they set policy.
    Trump IS the leader of the GOP and he is in bed with bothelthe yRudsians and the Gulf Arabs. Israel has little to fear from Tlaib not AOC, the significant enemies of Israel are Russia and the Gulf Arabs.
    Two supports Israel? The EuroBiden coalition. They also support Israel.
    VarolAnnand Teach (joined at the hip) support the fossil fuel exporters. That are the JEW HATERS.

  3. Dana says:

    So, “From the river to the sea is an aspirational call for freedom, human rights, and peaceful coexistence, not death, destruction, or hate,” huh? Yeah, that’s what led to Hamas peaceful journey into southern Israel.

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  5. Jl says:

    Johnny-and Hamas is supported by Brandon, who’s given them over 1 billion dollars

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      Do you have proof that President Biden gave Hamas over 1,000,000,000 US dollars?

      The oil-using world gave Iran $46 billion!! And what nation consumes the most oil?

  6. Brother John says:

    If your place of business makes you observe the nonsense holiday of “Juneteenth,” you can always celebrate that date in 1953, which was the last time this country dealt properly with traitors instead of installing them in high office.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Agreed. Can you believe the traitor Trump is sill allowed to run for president???

      • Brother John says:

        In what way is Trump a “traitor,” given the corruption and complicity of The Big Guy, His Royal Blackness, and the recipient of all that campaign cash from Charlie Tre?

        Be specific — no stupid bullshit about “russiarussiarussia collusion,” none of your masturbatory fantasies about January 6, none of your idiotic nonsense about elections in Georgia, and none of your mistaking policy preferences you don’t like for “treason.”

        Go ahead, shitstain. I’m waiting.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Well shitlips, Trump attempted to overturn the 2020 election. Period. He should be hung (but Stormy confirmed he is not!!).

          Fat Donnie is getting his days in court.

          Now run along.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            Again Rimjob provides no facts.
            He justs rolls his eyes and spouts nonny nonny boo-boo like a spoiled little 12yr old.

          • Brother John says:

            No. No, he didn’t. Stop fucking lying.

            He attempted to CORRECT the 2020 election.

            It was stolen. We watched it happen in real time. It was not corrected. We watched that happen in real time, too. Your refusal to pay attention to reality does not make reality what you want.

            Even if I were to say it wasn’t “stolen,” per se, there’s not the remotest chance it was reliable or conducted Constitutionally given all the mail-in shenanigans and illegal rule changes, and even before that, there’s zero chance it was even fair, given the fact that all media, entertainment, education, and government opposed him and did so brazenly and openly.

            But because media now have veto power over who may run for office because imbeciles like you let them turn your brains into hatred-fueled liquid shit, that turned out to be impossible.

            I see you don’t have any evidence of “Treason” that (a) surpasses or even approaches anything a Democrat has actually done, (b) qualifies under the constitution, (c) has actively and deliberately made the country worse off, (d) isn’t just something that makes your ass sore because you don’t like it.

            I also see you have evidence of nothing other than your own purple-faced, hair-pulling, foam-flecked, eye-rolling hatred and that makes you very, very, very stupid and dishonest.

            Now go and fuck off like a good lad.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Any MAGAt still claiming the 2020 election doesn’t count is a traitor like Fat Donnie.

            Stop FUCKING lying, bro. https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif

            Now go and fuck off like a good lil lad.

  7. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    I’m beginning to really really like Brother John. It didn’t take him long to see right through the shit for brains Elwood.

    Ole Elwood has the proclivity to side with every enemy of the United states. He loves the communists, the Nazis, the Muslims and any other group country or religion that specifically calls for the destruction of America. In other words the man hates his own country his own people his own race and there’s no talking to him that’s gonna change his mind.

    Many others here have spent three years showing him evidence of the corruption of the election and he won’t accept it. We’ve also spent years explaining to him that nobody wanted an insurrection nor did anybody including trump mention overthrowing the government. All we wanted was for the leftists who pulled off the cheating to acknowledge that there was some suspicious activities and to investigate and audit the election. But they would rather oppress and bully their fellow Americans rather than look into it. Because they knew once they looked into it they would find that they cheated and they would have to repeal the election. So basically they lied and then they covered it up with more lies and right now we’re living with the results of that a moron in the White House.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      Every audited election failed to reverse the count. In Arizona, the Trump-supporting Cyber Ninjas couldn’t find any illegal votes.

      We get it. You feel that conservatives are entitled to win every election because you feel morally superior to others. Joe Biden won and it wasn’t particularly close. Trump is being tried for cheating. He asked the GA Sec of State to find him 11,780 votes, enough to award him the victory there. It was recorded.

      The Trump campaign challenged the vote counts in some states and sought recounts in others. Georgia conducted a risk-limiting audit and two statewide recounts. Wisconsin, at the request of the Trump campaign, recounted votes in Milwaukee and Dane counties. Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania all faced lawsuits that alleged vote-count fraud and sought recounts. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson agreed to conduct a statewide election audit. The Trump campaign and various Republican organizations, candidates, and voters filed 10 “election contests” in Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. None of these lawsuits or contests succeeded, and none of the recounts or audits changed the results of the election.

      If you genuinely, actually, really believe the election was stolen, i.e., Joe Biden is an illegitimate usurper of the United States presidency, you SHOULD rebel. I can guarantee that if Trump had illegally seized the office millions of Americans would have stormed the White House and dragged him out.

      Just as the anti-abortion crowd who call abortion the murder of infants make no effort to stop the murderers, your failure to even attempt removing President Biden tells everyone all they need to know.

      We get it. NuCons/MAGAts want authority over America and Americans, and their minority status is an impediment in a democratic republic.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      L.G.: I’m … really really like Brother John.

      Another fluffer to augment Humjob!!

      • Brother John says:

        You didn’t actually SAY anything that refuted any points I made. You are a fraud and a liar. Every last word of yours is either rank projection, laughable idiocy, or ridiculous lies. Not to mention you seem to like to quote me rather extensively. Either address what I said in specific terms or fuck off. What an embarrassment you are.

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