NJ Democrats Look To Abandon Sanctuary State Status (but, mostly just for the elections)

Claiming you are a sanctuary state is all fun and games right up till all those illegals are shipped to the state, right?

No sanctuary in New Jersey: Democrats about-face on migrants as election looms

The Biden administration’s decision to float Atlantic City International Airport as one of 11 potential sites to house migrants living in New York City put New Jersey Democrats in a tough spot.

It was merely a suggestion. But with state lawmakers up for reelection in November, Gov. Phil Murphy and other state Democrats — many who’d previously pledged to make New Jersey a “sanctuary state” — immediately pushed back. (snip)

“Atlantic City has been a perennial dumping ground,” Mayor Marty Small Sr. said at a press conference, calling it an example of so-called Greyhound Therapy. The proposal from the Department of Homeland Security never appeared to be anything approaching a “plan,” as opponents were quick to characterize it.

But it came at the unofficial start of a campaign season in which all 120 seats in the state Legislature are on the ballot, and as Democrats have already struggled to unify around a campaign message as Republicans hit them on the culture war issue of trans rights and harness the quickly-decreasing popularity of the Murphy’s wind power plans. (snip)

Democratic officials are hoping the party’s full-court press of opposition takes it off the table as a campaign issue in a long-competitive area that has been trending Republican in recent years. In the last legislative election, in 2021, Republicans gained seven seats in the Legislature, including two in Atlantic County’s 2nd district. Democrats still hold a sizable advantage — 25-15 in the Senate and 46-34 in the Assembly — but Murphy and party leaders have worried a low-turnout election like the one in November could favor the GOP.

The question here is “will NJ voters finally say “enough” for Democratic Party control?” Will they realize that Democrats are just lying about not supporting being a sanctuary state just to get votes and the minute they are back in power they will allow the importation of vast numbers of illegals?

Sara Cullinane, director of the immigrant advocacy group Make the Road Action NJ, said Democrats risk alienating their base with their “knee-jerk reaction.”

“This is a really disappointing move from Democrats who should know better,” she said. “Many New Jerseyans have an immigrant parent. We’re a state of immigrants, and alienating those voters, and coming out against refugees fleeing for their safety. These are people fleeing violence, unsafe conditions. We need to be a welcoming state. We need to uphold those values.”

Yes, ones who came here legally, not the same method all these illegals/migrants used. But, the parties have become so tribal that there will be enough residents who will never vote against Democrats no matter what.

Both parties are blaming the federal government for decades without a comprehensive immigration plan and path to citizenship for undocumented residents.

Both of those will simply lead to more coming illegally/demanding asylum.

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2 Responses to “NJ Democrats Look To Abandon Sanctuary State Status (but, mostly just for the elections)”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    If immigrants were a net benefit to society, no one would care if they were illegal. The ones who come here are only benefiting their previous society by leaving it.

    • L'Roy White says:

      That’s not fair, the illegals that come here enhance our law enforcement and judicial services. They continuously keep retail establishments on alert for theft and robberies. They make women more aware when walking the streets as potential rapists lurk everywhere nowadays in big cities especially the ones run by Democrats. In fact Democrats have inserted crime drugs and poverty in every city they’ve ever run. And yet they run around talking about how their areas are richer than red areas. Funny how that works out isn’t it?

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