PRC Looking To Restrict Classic Fossil Fuels Vehicles

I swear, elected Republicans across the country are a bunch of weenies, who just do not get how Politics 101 works. None of them seem to be asking why Gavin Newsome, the other elected Democrats, and the unelected and unresponsive to the citizens group known as the California Air Resources Board are practicing what they force on Everyone Else. None are asking Gavin why he is not traveling in an EV and why he takes lots of fossil fueled flights

Report: California Looking To Restrict Travel For Classic Cars

The state of California is looking seriously at instituting or allowing local governments to institute zero-emission zones in the near future. In preparation for such a move, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) reportedly is gathering information about classic cars and how their owners use them. We knew something like this was coming to the US and California would likely be first, but this is still concerning.

According to a Daily Caller report, on August 2 CARB sent a survey to owners of classic cars from model year 1978 or earlier. The questions were aimed at ascertaining how those classics are used and store, as well as where they’re driven. It even asks about how many miles show on owners’ odometers. Knowing how increasingly authoritarian many government agencies seems to be trending, this is concerning to many car enthusiasts who still live in the Golden State.

I would have told them to go pound sand. As far as authoritarian, consider that this is a state run by Democrats, and Democrats make up the majority of the bureaucracies

Of course, the justification for full-on banning older cars from certain areas or making the owners pay a daily fee to drive there is climate change. After seeing the amount of emissions produced by private jets, cruise ships, EV mining/production, Space X rockets, and many other things that are widely celebrated, defended, and/or enjoyed one can’t help but feel cynical about these mounting restrictions.

But California has a net-zero carbon emissions goal set for 2045 and so we can expect even more restrictions on the horizon. We hope it doesn’t get to the point that authorities go door to door looking for classic cars to seize and crush, but the mere mention of zero-emission zones would’ve been dismissed as crazy conspiracy theory only a few short years ago.

Well, you Californians keep voting for this insanity. The members of the CARB are mostly appointed by the governor, and the governor is mostly unaccountable to the People of the People’s Republik Of California. You’ll get what you vote for. Don’t complain when you get boned,

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4 Responses to “PRC Looking To Restrict Classic Fossil Fuels Vehicles”

  1. alanstorm says:

    But remember, kids, Republicans are the Fascists.

  2. Dana says:

    It’s a foot-in-the-door type of thing; next it will be for all gasoline-powered vehicles.

    The poorest Californians who have cars still have mostly newer than 1978s, so that part won’t affect them . . . yet.

    Classic cars are models 1978 or older? That would make the 1971 Ford Pinto a classic car!

  3. unklc says:

    Don’t worry, the jack-booted thugs will move the goal posts and the po’ folks with older cars will just walk or take transit to get out of the food desert. Lefties don’t care about the collateral damage their schemes cause. Time for those who are still there and able to bug out or at least get your classics to a safe and sane state, asap.
    By the way, I would say that a ’71 pinto is more ‘vintage’ than classic. Just my $.02.

  4. JimS says:

    Ya gotta wonder how many cars older than 1978 are still on the road. And how many of those are daily drivers, instead of only leaving the garage on cruise night. Hell, I’d love to have my 72 Plymouth Satellite back. 🙂 I probably would drive it daily.
    I get Jay Leno will have to move his Garage to Nevada.

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