Hotcoldwetdry Take: Biden Says ‘Climate Change’ Worse Than Nuclear War

Well, nuclear war is also something Brandon is trying to make happen. Fortunately, he’s incompetent (the original Bloomberg article is beyond paywalled, you can read it here)

Biden Says Climate Change Poses Greater Threat Than Nuclear War

President Joe Biden said the sole threat to humanity’s existence is climate change, and that not even nuclear conflict poses a similar danger. The president added “we’re going to be in real trouble” if, in the next decade or two, warming goes above the 1.5C temperature increase that scientists consider a tipping point for increasing the chances of extreme weather events.

“There’s no way back from that,” Biden continued. “And so there’s a lot we can do in the meantime.” Biden spoke following the Group of 20 summit in India, where leaders agreed to a series of climate actions, including a pledge to triple renewable energy capacity by the end of the decade.

Last time I checked, Biden took a long fossil fueled trip to India, along with tons of staff, just like the other members of the G20. Then Biden flew to Vietnam. Helicopters, jumbo jets, fighter jets, dozens of fossil fueled SUVs and limos. Then there’s this bit of wackadoodleness

(Washington Examiner) President Joe Biden made a reference to John Wayne Sunday to underscore his frustration with disagreement over climate change.

“The Indian looks at John Wayne and points to the Union soldier and says, ‘He’s a lying, dog-faced pony soldier!'” Biden said during a press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. “Well, there’s a lot of lying, dog-faced pony soldiers out there about global warming.”

Dude’s nuts.

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4 Responses to “Hotcoldwetdry Take: Biden Says ‘Climate Change’ Worse Than Nuclear War”

  1. Dan says:

    And they are going to start a nuclear war to prove it…

  2. Wylie1 says:

    Every decision made by Joe Biden benefits our enemies and competitors. Biden is destroying America. China is winning.

  3. JimS says:

    Biden left out one word…. The climate change scam is worse than nuclear war.

    • CarolAnn says:

      More Americans have died over the last three years from the fake vaccine and the results thereof than any amount have ever died over actual man made climate change. In fact you’d be hard pressed to name any person who died over man-made climate change. Mostly because man doesn’t have the power to change the climate.

      You have to remember when you’re discussing things with doubt he believes that men can become women, children should be mutilated, embryos are not human. This is the mentality that we’re dealing with. Thoroughly empty of morality and the ability to think rationally.

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