Bummer: Texas’ Harsh Border Measures Are Injuring Illegals

The NY Times is pretty upset about this, but, is missing a very simple solution. It’s a huge, long article (Yahoo version here)

Texas’ Harsh New Border Tactics Are Injuring Migrants

For more than two years, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas has pursued an increasingly aggressive approach to the border, sending thousands of National Guard troops and police officers to patrol the Rio Grande and testing the legal limits of state action on immigration.

But in recent weeks, Texas law enforcement officials have taken those tactics much further, embarking on what the state has called a “hold-the-line” operation, according to interviews with state officials and documents reviewed by The New York Times (but, they couldn’t bother reviewing the FBI document on Biden’s bribery scheme). They have fortified the riverbanks with additional concertina wire, denied water to some migrants, shouted at others to return to Mexico and, in some cases, deliberately failed to alert federal Border Patrol agents who might assist arriving groups in coming ashore and making asylum claims, the review found.

The increasingly brutal, go-it-alone approach has alarmed people inside the U.S. Border Patrol and the Texas Department of Public Safety, the agency chiefly responsible for pursuing the governor’s border policies. Several Texas officers have lodged internal complaints and voiced opposition. (snip)

But the objections within the Texas Department of Public Safety extended far beyond a single medic: At least three other officers working around Eagle Pass, a main arrival point for migrants who are crossing illegally, have expressed their outrage and misgivings to higher-ups about the actions they have seen, according to internal correspondence and interviews with state officials briefed on the border response.

Throughout this very long article they only reference one specific officer, and that officer wasn’t making harsh allegations.

And it was not only officers describing the harshness of the new tactics. In several interviews with the Times in Eagle Pass, about two hours southwest of San Antonio, migrants nursing wounds said they had encountered phalanxes of law enforcement officers along banks of the United States that were newly bristling with barbed wire, some of it underwater.

“They kept yelling at us, ‘Go back, go back!’” said Reyna Gloria Dominguez, 42, who arrived in Eagle Pass from Honduras in a wheelchair. “We said, ‘We can’t.’ My son told them, ‘She needs help. She’s hurt.’”

So, this person traveled all the way from Honduras in a wheelchair? Here’s a pro-tip: don’t come to the U.S. expecting to be let in/cross the border illegally. If you go to a business intending to illegally enter that has barbed wire, razor wire, an electric fence, guard dogs, etc, don’t complain when you get hurt. You were warned. It’s pretty self-evident and blindingly obvious.

You’d think the NY Times would recognize this, especially since the sanctuary city of NY is being overrun with illegals.

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7 Responses to “Bummer: Texas’ Harsh Border Measures Are Injuring Illegals”

  1. alanstorm says:

    Texas’ Harsh Border Measures Are Injuring Illegals

    …and? C’mon, don’t leave us hanging…

  2. wildman says:

    oh please. all the way from Guatemala in a wheelchair? cmon. needs help? what no hospitals in Guatemala? what is it? the usa has to become the worlds welfare state?

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  4. UnkleC says:

    Boo freakin’ hoo. Come in legally or stay home.

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    Colony Ridge: Home to the largest colony of illegals estimated to be from 25,000-75,000 about 40 miles NE of Houston.
    The developers are connected to Mexican cartels.


    Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

    • UnkleC says:

      Not quite the ‘No Go zones’ the muzzies create in europe, but if an Anglo has any sense, he will stay away from the colonia.

  6. JimS says:

    Not harsh enough, I would say.

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