Bummer: Groomers At Disney Accused Of Paying Women Less Than Men

Things are not going well for the Woke Groomers at Disney

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Cancel Culture AlligatorDisney is experiencing a string of flops as audiences grow weary of the company’s constant recycling of intellectual property as well as its all-encompassing embrace of transgenderism and other forms of radical gender ideology.

The Little Mermaid is flopping in overseas territories, making it unlikely the live-action remake will recoup its costs during its theatrical run.  Pixar’s Elemental recently experienced the worst domestic theatrical opening in the digital animation studio’s history.

Things are not well in the House Of Mouse supporting grooming kids

Disney accused in lawsuit of ‘systematically’ paying women less than men in California

Walt Disney has been accused of systematically underpaying women in California in a lawsuit that alleges the company’s female employees in the state earned $150 million less than their male counterparts over an eight year period.

The Friday filing in Los Angeles County Superior Court seeks to persuade the judge to certify a four-year-old civil suit as a class action, covering some 12,500 current or former fulltime female Disney employees who held positions below the level of vice president.

An analysis of Disney’s human resource data from April 2015 through December 2022 has found female Disney employees were paid roughly 2% less than male counterparts, the filing said. It was conducted by David Neumark, a University of California Irvine professor and labor economist.

Obviously, Disney disputes this. This suit, if it goes forward, will not help Disney, and could cause their Woke allies to turn on them. Funny if this massively Woke company is found to have underpaid women.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: Groomers At Disney Accused Of Paying Women Less Than Men”

  1. […] Bummer: Groomers At Disney Accused Of Paying Women Less Than Men […]

  2. Jl says:

    “Now that pride month is over, corporations can go back to regular amounts of gayness…”

  3. Doom and Gloom says:

    Disney might soon have to spin off ESPN.

    ESPN has lost 30 million subscribers over the last 20 years or so. Down to 70 million from 100 million in 2000 and their new streaming service ESPN Plus is a disaster because they have nothing to watch that anyone wants to watch in the sports world. Much like Disney’s new streaming heap of junk.

    The reason is cord-cutting and the politicization of ESPN. After several years of that, Disney returned ESPN to SPORTS and told them to STFU about politics. Exit Keith Olberman and others.

    Now they are firing many high-profile people at ESPN to save money.

    Yet at the same time, Disney streaming continues to bleed money. Their movies have nearly all flopped since the MCU ended its Avengers run and Kathleen Kennedy actively went on a mission to destroy the MCU, Indiana Jones, Starwars, the Little Mermaid, and now Bambi is in her sights.

    No one wanted an 80-year-old Indiana Jones. Not to mention that the latest version of INDY has him Divorced by Hollywood….D I V O R C E D!!! No quiet life for Indiana Jones as he continues to lecture to a bored student class that can barely remain awake for his lectures and His son from Indy 4 was killed off and replaced by the worst female actor ever so that diversity and Inclusion can be the centerpiece of the show.

    It is such a shitshow that INDY is afraid of BUGS in this latest movie and must be S A V E D by the Diversity and Inclusion female whack job. Even this gal is trashed by the most sympathetic critics of WOKE HOLLYWOOD to have single-handedly destroyed this movie.

    Kathleen Kennedy has done her job. Star Wars has a bunch of female characters on the bridge of the ship with colored hair and nose rings while the only man on the bridge is a dumb blonde stereotype. Lol. I mean seriously We all know there are as many dumb men as there are women but to Hijack something as universally big as Indy Jones or Star Wars to make a political statement has been the undoing of Hollywood and Disney and yet this Kathleen Kennedy still has a job.

    Oh this just in….Kathleen Kennedy is leaving Disney just as soon as she decides to leave.

    Well never mind. All you Disney fans will have to continue to watch your favorite childhood movies die a horrible and painful diversity and inclusion death acted by bad actors with a political agenda as long as Disney keeps kow towing to people who do not even watch their fucking movies!!!!!

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