Abortion Supporters Are Supposedly Moving To Blue States

It’s great if true. Don’t let the screen door hit you, on your way out (song at the end, love it, listen at 1:41)

Since Roe was overturned, more Americans are moving to states that better match their political and social beliefs

Although 29-year-old Jessica Hoxworth has spent her entire life in the Lone Star State, she is ready to leave it all behind.

Come February, she and her husband will say goodbye to their friends and family and trade in their condo in downtown Dallas, Texas, for an apartment in Seattle, Washington.

As legislators move to enforce stricter abortion laws across multiple states following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, she’s one of many Americans letting politics guide their homebuying and renting decisions.

“It’s a grim time for progressivists and liberal-leaning people,” Hoxworth told Insider. “The most recent Roe v. Wade decision has further reinforced our need to get out of Texas in order to maintain bodily autonomy and safety.” (snip)

“I’m encouraging my friends to get out of Texas if they can,” Hoxworth said. “Once the SCOTUS ruling happened, a couple we are friends with started looking at the Seattle area too.”

Yeah, yeah, I’m leary that they and so many are actually going to abandon the Red states, especially if they had previously moved from a Blue state to escape the Blue state policies and taxation they voted for and were unhappy when they realized the policies were going to bone them in their own lives. And then advocated for the same moonbat garbage they escaped from.

Hoxworth’s decision to move to Seattle didn’t solely rest on her reproductive rights. It also hinged on the state’s management of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement.

You mean like all the burning of buildings, violence, looting? Locking people down, shutting their businesses down?

“The response in Texas to some monumental moments, including COVID and police brutality, made my husband and I want to distance ourselves from what we feel is a ‘hub’ of ignorance and hostility to truth,” Hoxworth said.

OK, go. Bye now. But, will they do it? Will others? Or, are they yapping, enjoying the lower taxes and safer communities in Red states, making the noises like when they said they’d leave the U.S. if Trump won in 2016? Bush in 2000 and 2004? But, almost none left.

But not everyone can afford a cross-country move — regardless of where they stand politically. Home and rental prices still remain at historic highs and the nation’s hot job market is competitive. Hoxworth says that without remote work, she would not be able to relocate.

So, move to a Blue area which voted in a guy who helped bring about those high prices.

“Seattle is a blue state, it’s close to Canada and it’s really beautiful,” she said. “We love nature and it has so much to offer that we believe will be very fulfilling for the both of us.”

According to Neighborhood Scout, Seattle is a 2 (100 is safest), and is “safer than 2% of U.S. Cities.” Just a few years ago it was around a 24-30, which is good for a city that size.

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7 Responses to “Abortion Supporters Are Supposedly Moving To Blue States”

  1. Professor hale says:

    Looks like more creative writing to me. The fact is, even liberal people can’t stand to live in the crapholes they create. Its simple economics. When people cant afford to live in the overpriced, overtaxed, overregulated states, they move to states that are more affordable. No one lives their life assuming they may need an abortion right away.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Did you realize that US college and university health centers distribute “morning-after pills” (levonorgestrel) to students?!? They also supply oral contraceptives.

    And although students now are clamoring for access to abortion medications, state laws make this a legal minefield for the schools.

  3. CarolAnn says:

    Why on earth would abortion supporters move to shit filled blue states? They are mostly rich white semi lesbian women and have the wherewithal to get an abortion any time they feel the urge to murder a baby. I would figure they already live in blue states. Why are they so concerned about forcing other states to accept their particular abomination of prenatal murder? Why do they need to FORCE everyone to abide by their demons?

    Democrats are truly evil people. If they’re not trying to find ways to murder people they are designing new ways to subjugate them.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    States do not get abortions, women do. And no one, not even evil Democrats, force any woman to abort. That’s the beauty of freedom! Democrats understand the decision belongs to the woman, not some man in the state capitol.

    On the other hand Republicans ARE forcing underage girls to give birth even when impregnated by old uncle Porter or next door neighbor, Don. Alternatively, 10 year rape victims can travel, at their expense, to a neighboring state for care.

    Of course, it goes without saying that the side-women of all those married Republicans will still be able to get an abortion.

    Republicans have never shown the slightest interest in the welfare of children. But they do want to control the behavior of women.

    Conservatives uniformly refuse to address any practical aspects of their abortion bans. Why? Because they have “virtue”-signaled to their base and will look away from all the violations that will occur, sort of like a “practicing” Catholic and contraception.

    Is a fertilized egg a person? Of course not. The first time some mush-mouthed prosecutor in Bumfuct, MS charges a poor 16 yr old white girl with 1st degree murder for a miscarriage shit will hit the fan.

  5. UnkleC says:

    Bye Jessica.
    If there’s room in the Prius, could you pick up Beto on the way? He needs to get out too.

  6. Matthew says:

    Curly Bill Brocius said it best…


  7. H says:

    Sorry Teach demographics are more states (like NC) turning purple/blue
    Yup SOROS is sending all those “smart people” to the triangle

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