Biden Advisor Says You Dumb People Just Don’t Realize How Great Biden’s Policies Are

I mean, on one hand, advisors do not want to go up and be all sorts of negative, right? On the other hand, there’s being positive and there’s utter gaslighting. Living in a different reality

Biden Adviser Sperling on Recession Fears: ‘Too Many People’ ‘Not Realizing’ How Successful Our Policies Were

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Chris Jansing Reports,” Senior Adviser to President Joe Biden Gene Sperling responded to a survey showing that a majority of CEOs expect a recession in the next 18 months by stating that “we think that too many people are not looking at the more reassuring elements of resilience in this economy right now and they’re not realizing that the American Rescue Plan put a historic number of people back to work.”

Host Chris Jansing asked, “So, look, because of fuel prices, it’s fueling inflation, there are concrete fears of a recession. There was one survey recently that said 60% of CEOs expect a recession in the next year or year-and-a-half. The president believes a recession is not inevitable. Is that his natural optimism or based on something you can share with us?”

Sperling responded, “I think we think that too many people are not looking at the more reassuring elements of resilience in this economy right now and they’re not realizing that the American Rescue Plan put a historic number of people back to work. People have called it the great return to work. You know, today, we just got out state unemployment numbers. There are 30 states in the United States where their unemployment rate is already below [what] it was before the pandemic hit. That’s remarkable progress and 15 of those states are at the lowest level of unemployment ever.”

Most of those jobs are simply companies hiring back to fill the positions they axed during the pandemic, combined with a lot of people just staying out of the job market, which brings that rate down. But, it matters little, because what people are focusing on is the continuing rise of food, fuel, energy, and consumer goods. In terms of the American Rescue Plan, it just pumped money into the economy that wasn’t needed, helping to increase inflation. A lot of it had little to do with COVID relief, and a lot of it hasn’t even been spent yet. There are few measures of where the money is specifically going. As for consumer goods

(Conservative Treehouse) We have been waiting for the non-essential durable goods side of the manufacturing sector to start showing evidence of demand side contraction in consumer purchases.  There have been subtle sector-by-sector indicators of consumer spending shifts for several months; however, today we get the direct evidence from Samsung.

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and products that require chips.  For three months the electronics sector has shown background signals that inventory was not moving.  One of the more recent indicators of a demand side contraction was the lack of upward price pressure inside the electronics sector.  Essentially, consumers are not purchasing the current inventory, so prices are actually dropping in this segment.  [SEE TABLE 2, CPI Chart]: (chart at the story)

Despite overall inflation of 8.6% within the CPI, deep inside the category indexes you will note that electronic prices are actually dropping.  Televisions -9.5%, Video equipment -4.3%, etc.  Video and audio products overall dropped in price 1.4% for May, and dropped 5.2% year-over-year.

The supply chain in this sector is lengthy. Meaning inventory builds slowly as consumers stop purchasing in the USA.  Retail store inventory turns slow, store inventory climbs, then warehouses inventories climb as stores do not need product. The negative boxcar effect travels back to the manufacturer overseas over the course of several purchase cycles.  Eventually, everyone within the sector is telling the supplier we do not need product.  Then the manufacturer has to quickly slowdown raw material.

Due to lengthy supply chains, including trans-pacific shipments, the process to stop deliveries in this electronic goods sector is around 90-days before the drop in retail sales reaches the manufacturer to stop production.  Here is the announcement from Samsung:

Has anyone looked to purchase non-essential goods recently? I told you I bought a soundbar the other week and returned it. Amazon had it $50 off, down from $499. Right now I tried an LG SP8YA, normally $799, ordered it for $390 (BTW, sound is great, if you like 3.1. I don’t. Do not like all the voice coming from the center channel. The left and right sound awesome, as do the upfiring speakers). The 2.1 soundbars I’m seeing are on big sale. Many other products I see are going on sale, the sales you did not see since the economy started reopening in 2020.

Were you like me and expected some great sales on products, thinking that companies would want to move some serious product after months and months of lagging sales? And didn’t see those sales? That’s because companies needed to make money, and they saw that wiping out inventories would cause problems later. And now it’s later, and they’re seeing demand crash, because people are seeing their money dry up on essentials.

The Biden people and the Congressional critters do not see the pain average Americans are feeling. They won’t acknowledge it, because they do not feel the pain, being in a bubble and living high off the hog on the American dime. Biden can helicopter off to the beach in Delaware and not pay a cent. His food is covered. His food and power bills at the White House are paid by you. He can have a fancy meal and not worry a bit.

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8 Responses to “Biden Advisor Says You Dumb People Just Don’t Realize How Great Biden’s Policies Are”

  1. ruralcounsel says:

    Sperling is a hired liar. That’s his job … lie to the public and try to paint as rosy of a picture of this dumpster fire economy as possible. A dumpster-fire economy that he and his ilk created.

    People like this should never be allowed to live in the country again after what they’ve done.

    • L'Roy White says:

      I agree with you. Always felt that exile was a good end to people who hate America and are trying to do us harm. I think they’d be much happier in the jungles of africa or South America than anywhere around freedom.

      • The Liberal but not libertarian Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Typical right-wing response. Deport those that disagree with you! It would take a constitutional amendment but The American NuCon Party is certainly up to the task.

        But wouldn’t it be simpler than just have nuCon kangaroo courts convict all lib/Dems and execute them? NuCons will control the House and Senate in 2022, the White House in 2024, have a majority of statehouses and already have a Supreme Court majority. It will be Pax Authoritana!

        • CarolAnn says:

          Seems you commies are the ones running the gulag, show trials and kangaroo courts! Exile is an age old way of eliminating a threat without resorting to mass murder you commies are so fond of.

          Your projection has gone beyond all reason Dowd, now you project exactly what you want in advance.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            What is the legal mechanism for you Nazis to “exile” American citizens?

            We assume by ‘gulag’ you mean the 40 arrestees still in jail for their participation in the violent riot on Jan 6?

            Speaking of projection, it is right-wingers here suggesting the US citizens be exiled for disagreeing with right-wing propaganda.

            Again… What is the legal mechanism for you Nazis to “exile” American citizens?

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Take the airlines, for instance…
    Yeah, that was smart when Brandon made the airlines fire employees who refused the ineffective “shot”.
    And just guess the result.

    The system fell apart. There aren’t enough people to run it. Airlines can no longer provide on-time flights.

    For the first three months of 2022, major airlines in this country reported a cancelation rate that is 50% higher than it was for the same period in 2019, 50% higher. Good work, Joe Biden. In the first quarter of this year, the Department of Transportation received more than 13,000 complaints about airline service. That’s up 330% from the first quarter of 2019.

    See, there’s nothing Brandon can do about it.
    Shit just happens, right? But we’re just too dumb to figure it out.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  3. The Liberal but not libertarian Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Published 2 October 2020

    US Airlines Lay Off Thousands of Staff as Federal Relief Ends

    Published 2 October 2020

    American Airlines says it shedding 19,000 workers and United Airlines 13,000.

    The carriers – badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic – say they are ready to reverse the decisions if more financing is found.

    The airlines have received billions of dollars from the federal government.

    The trump White House was pushing back against Congress on further relief.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Key words:
      “Congress refused” meaning Pelosi.

      Talks on a larger package resumed Oct. 1. with Mnuchin saying, “There’s money for airlines.”

      Keep blaming Trump for Brandon’s failures.
      Nobody’s buying it, dumbass.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

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