New Zealand Is Sinking From Climate Crisis (scam)!

It’s always something loopy with these cultists

Climate change has NZ sinking – floods to become routine events

Climate change is taking its toll as the sea keeps crawling onto New Zealand’s sinking coastline, halving the time authorities thought they had to take action, according to an NZ SeaRise study released earlier this week.

The document determined that parts of Wellington, the capital, will see 30 centimeters of sea level rise in just 18 years, which would turn rare floods into annual events when they used to be once-in-a-century episodes.

According to scientific projections, homes and other buildings in Auckland, Wellington, and elsewhere risk being inundated decades earlier than expected as sea levels are rising twice as fast as previously thought in many parts of the country. Authorities in New Zealand had not expected levels to reach this threshold until 2060.

NZ SeaRise is a five-year government-funded research program that combines data on sinking land with up-to-date international sea-level rise projections. Involving some 30 local and international experts, it takes into account the natural rises and falls of the country’s coastline, as well as climate change and warming temperatures.

Parts of New Zealand are sinking, and others are rising. Because it’s right on the Pacific Plate, and there are multiple smaller fault lines. It’s volcanic. Most stations show 1.27-1.47mm a year in sea rise, one is at 2.72mm.  That’s a hell of a lot less than getting 30 centimeters, which would be almost a foot, of sea rise in 18 years, which would be incredibly above average and above reality. But, the Cult isn’t interested in facts.

Some areas in Auckland and Wellington are sinking 3-4 millimeters a year, which corresponds with the annual rate at which the sea is rising.

Not from ‘climate change’, but, natural tectonic activity. The cult isn’t honest, just like with the headline.

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2 Responses to “New Zealand Is Sinking From Climate Crisis (scam)!”

  1. D3F1ANT says:

    “…The document determined that…the capital, will see 30 centimeters of sea level rise in just 18 years…” LOL! I love their ridiculous promises of never-arriving catastrophe. And a document can’t determine anything.

  2. Hank says:

    Considering their fascist gov. and the idiots who voted for it, they deserve to sink.

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