CDC Still Pimping Masks On Public Transportation

Most people are done with the Chinese coronavirus, except for a smattering of people who still wear masks. Many of them wear them wrong. Many of them intentionally get in other people’s space, and even hug, when avoiding personal contact is one of the main things you should do. They’re welcome to mask if they want. The CDC won’t give up, even though most news outlets barely cover COVID anymore, and most coverage is way down the webpage

CDC Reissues Mask Recommendation On Planes And Public Transportation Across America As Much Of The Northeast Moves Into “High Transmission” Category

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention announced a new recommendation that masks be worn by all persons 2 and older “in indoor areas of public transportation (such as airplanes, trains, etc.) and transportation hubs (such as airports, stations, etc.).” The CDC also encouraged people to wear “in crowded or poorly ventilated locations, such as airport jetways.”

The announcement comes a little over two weeks after a U.S. District judge in Florida ruled the CDC’s mask mandate exceeded its authority. The Justice Department has said it plans to appeal the ruling, if the CDC indicates it’s needed.

Cases and hospitalizations have begun to rise across the United States as new, more transmissible variants spread in waves. BA.2 began driving cases last month, quickly becoming dominant nationwide. Even more transmissible Omicron BA.2.12.1, first identified in the U.S. in February, is well on its way to pushing BA.2 out. Data released today show that BA.2.12.1 now makes up 36.5% of all newly-sequenced positive Covid tests having made a jump of close to 100% in the past two weeks.

The CDC’s authority may be tested again as cities such as New York have moved into what federal health officials have dubbed the medium, or yellow, risk category for virus transmission. (The current categories are much more lenient than those in place last year.)

See, they want you to wear it in these place, but, bigwig functions like the Met Gala and “Nerd Prom” are not covered. In fact, a few people came down with Wuhan Flu from the White House Correspondents dinner, including a reporter who sat next to Kim Kardashian. Of course, The Help was forced to mask up, not the Elites. Not quite sure why the CDC is focused on public transportation, versus other areas of close contact, but, this is what cultists do, focus in.

(WRAL) If passed by a GoRaleigh city bus, you’ll still see “mask required” signs on it, yet their website says face coverings are “recommended”. Guidance that happens to be in line with a new recommendation coming from the CDC today.

Passengers told WRAL News the guidance is confusing and at this point, they’re doing what makes them feel comfortable.

Paul parker said it takes some getting used to the latest guidance from the CDC on public transportation and mask-wearing.

“I think we were happy to do it for a while,” said Parker. “If we’re asked to go back and do it again that might be trickier.”

Most will ignore this, and, it’ll be really difficult and cause problems if government tries to force people to wear masks, which do not work. Despite all the forced masking Delta and Omicron crashed across the U.S.

Parker just arrived from the UK and saw firsthand how tricky it can be.

“On the plane: no masks whatsoever,” said Parker “Then we get into JFK and suddenly you have to wear a mask.”

Most of Europe did away with the mask quite some time ago. Here in the U.S. power hungry politicians used them for control.

Yes, COVID is rising again, mostly Omicron’s BA.2 subvariant called BA.2.12.1

That’s from the NY Times. If you scroll down to the same area of the front page you see

Weirdly, a lot of those places that are hot spots have high vaccination rates, and, being good leftists, they’ll wear masks voluntarily more than other areas. Many of these sub-variants are evading vaccination, and some are re-infecting those who’ve had Wuhan Flu.

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7 Responses to “CDC Still Pimping Masks On Public Transportation”

  1. The catholic but not Catholic Elwood P. dOwd says:

    Yes, being asked to wear a mask is an affront to FREEDOM, but forcing a rape victim to carry a rapist’s spawn for nine months is desirable!!

    There are fewer abortions performed than Americans who died from Covid.

    There were abortions before Roe v Wade, and there will be abortions once abortions are banned. Poor women who cannot travel to a free state will still get an illegal abortion. NuCons will arrest her for 1st Degree murder. Wealthy women will still get safe abortions.

    The American right is death and control cult.

    • Jl says:

      Abortions won’t be banned, they’ll just not be a “right”. Every state legislature can make them legal if they so desire

      • Model 870 P. dOwd says:

        When the GOPhers take over the House and Senate in 2022 and duhSantis is president in 2024 we’ll see the true brilliant power of the GOP! This supreme court would certainly NOT consider a federal ban abortion to be unConstitutional.

        NuCons only use the concept of states right as a crutch. According to wingers, states have the right to discriminate against LBGTQ individuals, non-christians and non-whites, but just wait and see if the holler states rights when the Republic of Gilead bans abortions nationwide! Or if they ban same-sex marriage nationwide. LOL.

        • Jl says:

          Actually, I’ll just wait for you to offer proof that conservatives think states have the right to discriminate against the alphabet people, non-Christians and non-whites. Good luck

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    He’s still hysterical about the states and their voters having the right to decide about abortion for themselves. It’s amazing how fast “muh democracy” flies out the window when free people actually try to apply it when the fascist left doesn’t want them to. So now QdOwd is concerned that some woman in some state may not get a late term abortion after being raped by her father who is a transgender woman that identifies as a black Pacific Islander Marxist with an IQ of 85. He could be concerned that since 1973 over 70 million Americans have been cut to pieces and sucked out of the womb but they don’t matter to fascists any more than the body count mattered to all fascists and communists in history.

    QdOwd walks proud among the Hitlers, Stalins and other such genocidal maniacs. And he fits right in. Oddly I read (on a leftist blog) that about 80-85% of abortions are of democrats. Interesting. No wonder they want to import filthy, diseased illegals. They are just replacements.

    It’s (QdOwd’s) lack of self awareness and sanity reveals itself when he projects “The American right is a death and control cult” while advocating the genocide of American babies. What a dope.

    FJB and all baby murderers.

    • Model 870 P. dOwd says:

      Is the Lying Grooomer really calling zygotes Americans? How about the Guatemalan woman in the US 4 weeks pregnant? Is her fetus an American?

      Almost all abortions take place within the first trimester (12 weeks gestation).

      Some nuGOPhers want to ban interfering with the 100,000 – 200,000 ectopic pregnancies (a zygote or baby implanting outside the prepared uterus) each year. After all, even a zygote (baby) implanted on the fallopian tube, cervix or mesentery is still a baby and deserves life even at the expense of the potential mother. The current treatments are to kill the baby, usually with systemic poison (methotrexate) given to the mother or surgery. Barbaric.

      How would you suggest we save these 100,000 to 200,000 babies that god has decided are expendable?

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