Biden Economy: Shelves Are Continuing To Empty

Hey, remember when this happened?

Besides forgetting that milk mostly comes from inside America, CNN refuted the idiotic, Elitist tweet. Of course, lots of Leftists took his side, trying to protect Brandon. A tiny bit over a month later, here’s USA Today (here’s the Yahoo link in case it’s behind the paywall)

Grocery store shelves bare? These products may be hard to find amid supply chain disruptions

Can’t find what you need at the store again? You’re not alone.

As the world reaches the two-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, more items are becoming scarce because of a supply chain shortage across the globe.

Supply chain concerns are a result of “record-level congestion at the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach that has spread to the East Coast, the widespread power outages across China, shortages of truck drivers and service workers, and COVID-19-fueled infections and restrictions,” Tinglong Dai, a business professor at Johns Hopkins University, told USA TODAY in an email.

Shipping prices have skyrocketed, and demand for items has outpaced supplies.

Obvioiusly, they’re going to avoid any blame towards Biden. In fairness, the main culprit is China, for releasing, intentionally or unintentionally, COVID19 from their research facility. But, Biden’s not doing a damned thing to help, and is making things worse. So, what’s short? Most have explanations if you want to read it

  • Cream cheese shortage: Supply chain problem has reached bagels, cheesecakes(they’re literally asking people to make stuff that doesn’t use cream cheese)
  • Ben & Jerry flavors (who cares)
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Chicken
  • Coffee
  • Diapers
  • Fish sticks (this is due to a customs dispute between the US and Canada)
  • Frozen meals
  • Heinz ketchup packets
  • Marie Callender’s pot pies
  • McCormick Gourmet spices
  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • Sour Patch Kids (and other products from the company)
  • Toilet paper

And that’s to go with so many other products, like new and used automobiles. People are still shocked they can almost never walk in and buy a new car, living in 2019. We have tons of orders for January, February, and even March. We tell people if they want something, get on the list now. You can’t just go and test drive vehicles to make that choice like you used to, and this will not change anytime soon. It’ll be a long time before production catches up when the majority in production status are spoken for. My Walmart never seems to have the Sam’s Choice regular and cheese bagels (love those). Lidl only seems to make jelly donuts now. There are never chocolate or others. The convenience store I hit on the way to work is out of little bottles of chocolate and regular milk quite often.

What are you seeing shortages of?

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7 Responses to “Biden Economy: Shelves Are Continuing To Empty”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    “If we make through December…ever’thing’s gonna be all right I know…” h/t to the late, great Merle Haggard

    So shortages of specialty bagels, trampolines, PlayStation 5’s, cars, spices (most of McCormick spices are laced with heavy metals, BTW)…

    I tried to order some pocket knives and they can’t arrive until Dec 28!!! And teriaki beef jerky is NOT resupplied regularly at the local convenience store!! The horror.

    The “law” of supply and demand is a funny thing. As demand increases, suppliers can raise the price of their goods and still sell them! Profits go up! Yay! It’s not a law like the laws of planetary motion or gravity.

    As the number the suppliers continues to drop (not to mention collusion amongst corporations) the monopolies can charge whatever they wish! The goal of every corporation is monopoly – they hate free markets. For example, only 4 large corporations control 55-85% of meat-processing in the US. Half of food inflation in past year comes from increases in pork, beef and chicken prices! Farmers and ranchers are getting squeezed by these conglomerates, consumers are getting squeezed and the conglomerates are making record profits! No doubt using underpaid immigrant help. Cattle prices have been flat since 2016, but beef prices have increased steadily.

    So, farmers and ranchers are getting screwed because of lack of competition, consumers are getting gouged for lack of competition and processors are making billions in profit, distributing dividends to investors and buying back their own stock. Do conservatives favor the Biden administration using anti-trust laws? That’s rhetorical. Conservatives are the party of corporations and conglomerates and if the working class gets pummeled, so what.

    The governments enforce technology patents (especially tech and drug companies!) creating monopolies for specific products. That’s one reason your PS5 goes for $1500, iPhones for $1000 now and your insulin prices keep going up!

    Everything we do, every law we pass, benefits US corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the working class and poor. This is America.

    • L.G.Brandon says:

      Those little anti American tirades of yours might sound better if you do them in the original Russian. BTW, if everything we do and every law we pass benefits US corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the working class and poor why do millions of filthy illegal immigrants want to invade us? They should know better being the noble “working poor”. And why do you keep voting for the corrupt Democrats who pass these laws? Why do you keep defending all your leftist billionaires like you do? You’re like every other communist who ever lived; pointing out “the injustice” of unequal wealth distribution but only regarding other people, not yourself.

      It does seem odd that here in America so many things are invented and so many more are improved not only making all our lives better but also the “working poor'” too.

      We have pointed out your utter contempt for the success of others before but now you’re just talking crazy. Like most failures in life you wear your envy and jealousy on your sleve for all to see. It ain’t pretty.

      I assume it’s my turn now to be called a racist, white supremacist, white nationalist, Christian theocrat, misogynist, anti-Semite, homophobe and the latest “insurrectionist and anti-vaxxer”. Cause you are tolerant and decent and caring and just. Yeah, you and the entire brandon junta.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Brandon believes that supporting the poor and working classes, equality and justice is “anti-American”. Criticism of our economic system is not “anti-American”.

        Unequal wealth distribution is a natural outcome of capitalism, duh, but when it’s as bad as now, it’s unfair and unwise. As a society we need to find a mechanism for getting more resources to the poor and working classes. Shouldn’t the people who do all the work benefit from their own productivity?

        Do you agree that, in general, industrial monopolies are anathema to healthy capitalism? If consumers’ only have one option for a product, do you understand how the producer is a potential unfair position to squeeze her suppliers AND customers, gathering profits for herself and ignoring the petitions of her workers? She can just fire them and hire the next desperate person. Is that the America you favor?

        Rather than discuss any of that, you instead attack us personally. Unsurprising.

  2. Hairy says:

    Teach the lack of stocked chocolate milk do you see that as a supply problem? There is no more of that in the USA ? Milk producers have been in the news because they have been dumping milk

  3. Dana says:

    That there is a shortage of cream cheese for bagels is a good thing! Bagels are to be dressed with butter.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Not in “urban” areas where Americans live.

      There’s also a shortage of home-use rapid Covid tests!

  4. Unkle C says:

    Don’t need no stinkin’ cream cheese, just give me a fresh, warm from the oven garlic bagel plain, thank you.

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