Climate Crisis And Crossing A Desert In The Summer Is Killing Illegals, But, Mostly ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Perhaps deciding to make a long trek to enter a nation illegally, with too little food and water, via a desert area is a bad idea? Nope, has to be the climate emergency

The climate crisis is killing migrants trying to cross the US border, study finds

Undocumented migrants who attempt to cross the border from Mexico to the US are disproportionately dying in a harsh stretch of desert that is becoming deadlier due to the climate crisis, a new research has found.

Migrants and asylum seekers trying to enter the US are often forced to traverse the harsh environment of the Sonoran desert in order to avoid border patrols and fortified crossing points. This hazardous journey is putting many of them under severe physical stress, according to researchers, with many dying in the heat due to dehydration and organ failure.

This risk will only intensify as the world heats up further due to human activity, with the research finding that in the next three decades migrants will become so dehydrated in the desert that they will have to carry 34% more water with them in order to survive.

Maybe they shouldn’t do this? If they cross the border without permission they are, by federal law, illegal aliens, and they put themselves in the life threatening situation. If you go to certain neighborhoods in Detroit, Baltimore, or Chicago – heck, Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco – and get mugged, robbed, beat up, well, you put yourself in that bad situation knowing that it is dangerous.

An estimated 350 people a year, many fleeing violence and persecution at home, die attempting this crossing, with some of these deaths due to suicide, exposure or car accidents. Researchers found, however, that a significant risk is the loss of fluids in a region where summer temperatures can reach 48C (118F).

Using a model that factored in the physical toll of making a journey from Nogales, a Mexican border city and Three Points, Arizona, the study found that people can succumb to the conditions within just a few days, with migrants often ill-prepared for the journey. The stress is highest for pregnant women and children, with the research finding that a pregnant women needs nearly 12 liters of water a day to survive making the trek in June.

I’m really not having any sympathy for this, no matter how emotional the UK Guardian is trying to make it. If you voluntarily climb K2, the mountain in Pakistan, well, 1 in 4 die trying to reach the summit. That’s right, a 25% death rate. It’s way more dangerous than Everest, and considered the most dangerous in the world. No one made you. You did this. It wasn’t ‘climate change’.

Oh, and Democrats, who entice people to make a dangerous, life threatening trek to enter the U.S. illegally. And it just goes to show that the cult of climastrology will do and say anything to push their cult.

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3 Responses to “Climate Crisis And Crossing A Desert In The Summer Is Killing Illegals, But, Mostly ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach people are not forced to imb K2
    People are forced to leave their home countries for many reasons
    Put yourself in the position of a parent (of course we know that is a stretch)whose daughter was in danger from gang violence in Central America, what would you NOT do to ensure her safety?
    Of course the Bible clearly states that we should treat strangers as we treat ourselves and not oppress the alien
    Rev Kye? Rev Kye? Please confirm this

  2. Jl says:

    Good, John-we’ll send any that come our way to stay at your house.

  3. alanstorm says:

    Oh, good – another “study”.

    Just last week, we were told that water was wet.

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