House Passes Islamist Approved Anti-Islamophobia Bill, Violates Constitution

Giving aid and shelter to Omar and the rest who hate Jews and support Islamists, all because Boebert ran her mouth and told the truth

House approves Omar-backed bill to combat Islamophobia following Boebert’s anti-Muslim remarks

The House approved a bill late Tuesday that seeks to combat “worldwide” Islamophobia in response to Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s anti-Muslim remarks last month against Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

The final vote was 219-212 along party lines.

Floor debate of the bill was ground to a halt earlier Tuesday, after GOP Rep. Scott Perry, of Pennsylvania, referred to Omar as anti-Semitic and implied that she has ties to terrorist organizations — a comment which led to audible gasps from some Democratic members in the chamber.

“Let’s face it: Aside from the attempts to placate an anti-Semitic member of this chamber, all that’s really happening here is that House Democrats are deflecting from the real issue confronting the House of Representatives, and that is that the maker of this bill has no business sitting on House committees has no business in this chamber,” Perry said of Omar, who is a lead author of the bill.

“American taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay terrorist organizations, organizations that the maker of this bill is affiliated with, like the one that’s an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror-financed case in the United States of America’s history,” Perry said.

Omar, and her Comrades, have made numerous statements that show hatred for Israel and for Jews. And the unindicted co-conspirator he’s referring to is the Muslim Brotherhood, for which Omar has affiliations.

Perry also cited a lack of definition for the word “Islamophobia” in the bill, which he argued would be “made up” based on individuals’ “political proclivities.”

“And by intentionally leaving the definition blank in this bill, the gentlelady and my friends on the other side of the aisle are creating an office in our State Department that will likely spew anti-Semitic hatred and attack Western ideas throughout the world under the farce of protecting Islam,” he said.

He’s not wrong. Here’s the text of the bill

This bill establishes within the Department of State the Office to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia and addresses related issues.

The office shall monitor and combat acts of Islamophobia and Islamophobic incitement in foreign countries. The bill establishes the position of Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Islamophobia, who shall head the office.

The bill also requires certain existing annual reports to Congress about human rights and religious freedom in foreign countries to include information about Islamophobia, such as information about (1) acts of physical violence or harassment of Muslim people, (2) instances of propaganda in government and nongovernment media that attempt to justify or promote hatred or incite violence against Muslim people, and (3) actions taken by a country’s government to respond to such acts. The office shall coordinate and assist in preparing these portions of the reports.

That’s it. About as much info as when naming a post office. And essentially creates an office that investigates free speech, which violates the 1st Amendment. Remember, the specifics say “Congress shall pass no law…” We could easily say that the House did pass a law. Even if this seems to primarily be over free speech in other countries, that’s not the text. Now it goes to the Senate, where it will require all 50 Democrats to vote for it, with Kamala needing to break the tie. And, then we’ll see if their is a suit filed to the Supreme Court, and how quickly this turns into Islamists using it to persecute Jews, along with anyone who dares say anything about Islam.

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4 Responses to “House Passes Islamist Approved Anti-Islamophobia Bill, Violates Constitution”

  1. Hairy says:

    Of course the world should continue to be dependent on an energy supply controlled by Arabs and Russians

  2. Dewayne Mendoza says:

    Simple, produce identical legislation, replace the word Islamophobia with Anti-Semitism, pop the popcorn.

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