German Youths Not Willing To Sacrifice Their Own Modern Lifestyles To Solve Climate Crisis (scam)

Of course not. Doing Something about ‘climate change’ is popular in theory, not reality, at least when it comes to Warmist’s own lives. They’re good with Doing Something for Other People

(No Tricks Zone) The German Tagesschau reports that the 14-29 age goup don’t take the Fridays-For-Future protests as seriously as journalists thought.

Afraid, but unwilling

A study by Simon Schnetzer and Klaus Hurrelmann called Jugend in Deutschland (Youth in Germany) reveals some unsurprising attitudes of the generation under 30. The young people are most afraid – at least as expressed to the respondents – of climate change and poverty pensions. This is nothing new: A doomsday mood has been already widespread since decades: explosive nuclear power plants, nuclear war, forest dieback – and the coming ice age caused by industrial emissions. But there was no real deep belief because most of the future Greens enjoyed their privileges and made a real career and cash.

That the majority of young people believe in the man-made ice age is not surprising, but what apparently surprised the authors of the study is the attitude of the under-30s that policymakers should eliminate the problems, and that the youths themselves are not very willing to make sacrifices for climate protection. Quote:

Only a minority are willing muster the strength to face up to the great challenge and actively change their own lifestyle, although they themselves are strongly in favor of doing so. The vast majority are not yet ready to give up their cherished habits in the areas of consumption, mobility and nutrition and are waiting for politicians to help them make decisions.“

Love of travel

Specifically: 60% of the respondents regularly travel by car, whereby it should be noted that those under 18 were also asked. Only 19% and 27% respectively are “still” prepared to do without cars or air travel in the long term. I would question the “still”, since it is precisely the children of the upper income half who cultivate an anti-national cosmopolitan attitude, which is expressed in extensive air travel.

No one should be surprised by this. Virtually every poll taken shows that when push comes to shove few are actually willing to sacrifice, always wanting Someone Else to be forced by Government to sacrifice. They don’t want to pay more, they don’t want to give up their fossil fueled travel (how else will the go get their selfies?), they won’t give up streaming tons of video on their smartphones, tablets, and TVs, nor taking and uploading them, or anything else. And they need all their “quick fashion” (clothes designed to be worn only a few times) for their “photo shoots”, ie, selfies for Instagram and stuff.

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10 Responses to “German Youths Not Willing To Sacrifice Their Own Modern Lifestyles To Solve Climate Crisis (scam)”

  1. Dana says:

    Is this a surprise? This site’s most vociferous warmunists, Mr Dowd and the Hirsute One, have been challenged, repeatedly, to tell us what changes they have made, what things they have sacrificed, personally, as they keep telling others what they must do, yet they remain cheering from the dugout, never stepping up to the plate themselves.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      The consistently frustrated Mr Dana demands that others share their personal information. It has been our direct experience that this can be dangerous online.

      He is welcome to visit and see how we live our simple life.

      We wish we could be as devoted to our ideology as Mr Dana, who as a libertarian/conservative, eschews any reliance on government aid, e.g., public roads, Social Security, Medicare, courts, fire and police protection etc.

      • Dana says:

        If you added insulation to your home, how would that be a dangerous revelation of personal information? I suppose someone could start scanning transactions at Home Despot, to see who bought insulation!

        If you told us that you bought a plug-in Chevy Dolt, I s’pose that some nefarious person could search newly registered vehicles in the St Louis metropolitan area, but that’s 2,805,473 people. The city itself is smaller, at 301,578.

        But there are simple things, such as installing lower-energy use LED bulbs, that you could have done, and told us about, or that you stopped eating delicious meat, or that you installed solar panels at your home, things that would be pretty hard to track.

  2. CarolAnn says:

    You do realize Mr. dana eschews government programs he’s forced to pay for or go to jail. You want him to go to jail for programs you want to use. Big difference.

    BTW, courts, fire and police protection and public roads are a governmental duty and not up for debate as is the military. Don’t be a child.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      Mr Dana could stand up to the tyrannical government he despises but chooses not to. We understand that. I forgot to add public education as a fascist institution forced upon our patriotic conservatives.

      Do our federal and local governments have any obligation to preserve public health? Would you ban mandatory childhood vaccinations? Zoning laws? Fire and building codes? If your next door neighbor decides to butcher goats and sell the meat would you object to her goat pens and offal pit?

      Can you point out in our Constitution where they discuss police and fire protection and public roads? They describe courts and Post Offices.

      If you were in charge would you eliminate Social Security, Medicare and Disability?

      Don’t be a child.

      • Dana says:

        Mr Dowd tries to attribute to me things I have never said:

        Mr Dana could stand up to the tyrannical government he despises but chooses not to. We understand that. I forgot to add public education as a fascist institution forced upon our patriotic conservatives.

        I have sent my kids to parochial school, and not only paid for that, but had to continue to be taxed to support the public schools.

        It was rather amusing: in New Castle County, Delaware, so many people used parochial or private schools that school bond referenda could never be passed, because no one was willing to increase his own taxes to pay more for schools his family couldn’t use.

        Of course, whether I use the public roads, or need the police or fire departments, I’m still taxed to pay for them, aren’t I? And I’ve said it before: since I spent 48 years having Social Security and Medicare taxes taken out of my earnings, I intend to take every last euro of the benefits I was promised, and would even if I had a billion dollars in the bank. I wasn’t given a choice about it.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          We understand Mr Dana’s reluctance to give up what he feels he’s entitled to even though he supports limited government for others.

      • Dana says:

        Mr Dowd somehow thinks that libertarians — not Libertarians! — are opposed to building the public roads. Nope, we’re not! But we do oppose the government telling us what kinds of vehicles we may, or may not, buy, to use the public roads.

        We don’t oppose police departments, because, without them, only the strongest and best armed would have any rights. We can already see what has happened in our major cities where the left have been trying to cripple law enforcement; with now 523 homicides this year, foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia broke its all-time homicide record of an even 500 . . . on Thanksgiving Day.

        But, not to worry: it’s almost entirely ghetto thugs killing other ghetto thugs. The Philadelphia Inquirer, the third oldest continuously published newspaper in America, gets really, really incensed when an ‘innocent’, a ‘somebody’, or a cute little white girl gets killed, but the vast majority of city homicides get two or three paragraphs by one of the overnight news reporters, and that’s it.

        What libertarians want is for the government to leave us alone as much as is practical. We want government to respect our freedom of speech, our right to free assembly, and our right to worship God as we please. All of that, the government restricted during the ridiculous COVID measures. We want to own the firearms we want, we want the government to respect our privacy, we want the government to provide basic services without trying to run our lives.

        Somehow, Mr Dowd thinks that’s wildly radical.

        • L.G.Brandon says:

          It is wildly radical to a communist. They only know force. It’s how all socialists operate since they were invented by Satan.

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