Guy Who’s Pushing More And More Big Government Convenes Democracy Summit

Saddam Hussein said he was part of a democracy, too, as people voted for him. Or else. Same in China (the link goes to the Yahoo News reprint. You can see original at USA Today, though, behind paywall)

‘The crisis we face is real’: Blinken on why Biden is convening a Summit for Democracy

China Votes BidenDemocracy is facing a moment of reckoning.

For 15 years, global freedom has declined, according to the human rights organization Freedom House. It’s happening in authoritarian countries, where rulers have restricted people’s freedoms, canceled and postponed elections, and cracked down on political opponents with increasing brutality – and in democratic countries, where mis- and disinformation have eroded trust in public institutionspolitical polarization has widened, and long-standing challenges like economic inequality and systemic sexism and racism have left many feeling like the system won’t ever work for them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made these problems more acute. Unscrupulous leaders have seized the opportunity to crush freedom of assembly and crank up surveillance, and false information about the virus and vaccines has spread widely.

What they call mis and disinformation, others call their truth. And, if you attempt to shut it down, well, that’s government tyranny. And government doesn’t like when you call them out. Considering public institutions are attempting to run people’s lives, how public are they, especially since there is little to no control of them by the Citizens, and they are almost unaccountable? Perhaps Joe would like to have a talk with mayors and governors over forced masking and forced vaccination? And talk to himself, since he’s tried 3 times in forcing people to take what is still really an experimental drug.

This is why President Joe Biden is bringing more than 100 governments together for the Summit for Democracy, which begins Wednesday.

And whether you live in a country where democracy is strong or where the chance of a free and fair election is nonexistent, this matters to you.

Democrats, like Brandon, want to make it easier to cheat, rather than one person one vote.

Democracy and authoritarianism are global phenomena. They don’t stay contained within borders. Ideas spread. News travels.

Like Build Back Better, which is 100% about implementing even more central government control over citizens?

Autocrats see how misinformation campaigns or sham trials worked in another country and try them at home. They point to divisions within democracies to make the case to their citizens that democracy is an inferior system that could never deliver for them.

Like the January 6th trials, and the way those who’ve pretty much committed trespassing (into Congress, which is owned by The People) and caused Congress to stop what they were doing are treated like terrorists caught on the battlefield in Afghanistan?

We also affect each other directly through our one-to-one interactions – for example, development assistance deals that include support for human rights – and multilaterally. Organizations like the United Nations, NATO and the World Bank have a direct impact on countries’ policies and practices.

Well, that’s interesting, considering how much Joe and his Democratic party voters pander to China, how Joe and climate envoy John Kerry consider a deal on ‘climate change’ more important than human rights.

All participating governments will make concrete commitments toward three goals: countering authoritarianism, fighting corruption and protecting human rights.

China is right there, Joe. Whatcha gonna do? How about the unfettered slaughter of the unborn? If Joe is serious, he’ll drop BBB and so many other things, like consideration of packing the courts. He’ll stop trying to be a dictator to tell people how to act, what they can buy, where they can go. Stop blowing off the text of the Constitution.

Anyhow, it’s a long piece, give it a read.

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14 Responses to “Guy Who’s Pushing More And More Big Government Convenes Democracy Summit”

  1. Hairy says:

    One person one vote?? What about gerrymandering? What about in the 2000 20004 2008 when democrats faced 3 hour long waits to vote in FL where the GOP vontrols/restricts polling placez? Mail in ballots would help to reduce these tactics thst sre primarily used by the GOP the party that you Teach support
    No mail in ballots ? Deployed military? Old people in nursing homes? Over tge road truck drivers? Disabled? Dems want to make it easier for all to vote. There has never been any proven substantial voter fraud

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Has Teach gone fuggin crazy? Now he’s comparing American democracy (that his hero DJ Don is trying to end) to Saddam’s Iraq or Xi’s China.

    Our far-right brothers and sisters may be this close to crossing the line into lala land. We get that you’re beside yourself because your Great Right Hope was defeated, but your adoption of anarchy and rebellion is going too far.

    You’re the ones rigging our Democracy state by state so that Republicans can no longer lose. You’re the ones suppressing voters AND determining WHO counts the votes.

    Teach: What they call mis and disinformation, others call their truth

    What Teach calls “truth”, people who know better call mis- and disinformation.

    tRump and his tRumpists still claim, without evidence, that tRump was cheated out of his rightful throne.

    We have little pity for the violent mob who, on Jan 6, tried to overturn a US election. And as we’re finding out it was coordinated at the highest levels. Soooo…. Donald Trump was trying every which way to stay in power and his fervent supporters are worried about vaccinations and masks and calling all other Americans nazis and fascists.

    • L.G.Brandon says:

      Again you’ve gone completely off the rails with your irrational fear of Trump. And once again you lower the bar to accommodate your fantasy victory when the proof is there for you to see. But you refuse. The truth scares the hell out of you. Your man and his “supporters” didn’t win the election they performed a coup d’états. You know it. We all know it.

      When drug dealers in San Fran are complaining about the lack of police protection. When the blue states and cities that all the radical leftists keep telling us carry America in taxes and revenue have streets full of homeless crapping and peeing all over. When the left justifies smash and grab at Louis Vuitton as “reparations”. Having American citizens in prison for 10 months without a trial on misdemeanor charges. Allowing leftist thugs to burn down your city. Allowing leftist thugs to loot your city. Allowing leftist thugs to rape and murder your citizens. Being told you must get a vax that really isn’t a vax. Being told you must wear a mask that is proven to do nothing. Being forced to take a shot that doesn’t stop you from getting or transmitting the disease. Being told you are a danger to everyone if you don’t get the shot that doesn’t work. Having politicians make your and your child’s health decisions. Hearing leftists that actually saw the videos of the election theft say there was no election theft. Seeing leftists who want to pack the Supreme Court when they fail to win at the ballot box (even when cheating). Democrats wanting to end the filibuster when they fail to win in the Senate. Democrats who change the state voting rules to fix elections. Democrats who release criminals and watch smash-and-grabs in their own cities. Democrats who think it’s fine to have open borders. Leftists allowing illegals to enter our neighborhoods unvaxxed while demanding our children get the jab. Calling a man in an admirals uniform the Asst. Sec of Health when he can’t determine what sex he is. Allowing boys/men in girls/womens rest rooms even after the rapes start occurring and refusing to admit they are. Allowing men to beat women competing in women’s sports. Demanding gays be allowed to become priests and scout masters then acting surprised and aghast when they bugger little boys. Allowing the President of the United States to be banned from social media because of “mean tweets”. Allowing anyone to have their freedom denied by social media and still permitting them to operate. Spending $5 trillion of fake money on Build Back Better to ingratiate the friends of leftism for their support in the corrupt takeover of the republic. Telling people that because a guy wears a dress he’s a “transsexual” when there is no such thing. He’s a cross dresser. Our New America kept compliant by vaxation and taxation. Every day brings a new mandate without ever actually passing a legitimate law. Every time some leftist mayor or governor tells the people they must get a shot or lose their business or their job he is doing an illegal act and a despotic act. The hiding of the results of tests, vaxxing and Covid’s actual numbers. Denying the value of ivermectin, HQC, zinc and vitamins for Covid treatment to save lives because the “experts” don’t want to lose face.

      I could do five more paragraphs just like this on the illegitimacy, corruption, lies and general incompetency of the Administration, the blue state/city mentality and the refusal of the fake news and social media to observe and rectify the lies and distortions being told. But then the leftists know them all well since they repeat this crap daily and the rest of us normals hear it constantly, see it on TV (even the ads) and are having our children mentally and emotionally (and sometimes literally) raped by this snuff on a daily basis also.

      What are we going to do about the leftist problem? Well, let’s see. This is a suggestion by a card carrying leftist “brandon won”, “Covid is death” true believer. Let’s see what this dope thinks and I bet Elwood P. Dowd agrees with her:

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        You and millions of other Americans believe/feel the lie that tRump won the election and that you are justified in using violence to “correct” this outcome.

        You are out of touch with reality. Good luck, but don’t expect America to excuse your actions.

        • L.G.Brandon says:

          We are America and we don’t need no stinkin’ excuses.

          You wanted Trump out by “any means necessary”. But by treating us like peasant subjects instead of American citizens you now deserve no quarter. “By any means necessary” is how we will take care of you communist usurpers.

          It sure didn’t take me long around her to realize who the commies are. You clowns don’t even try and hide it any longer.

          For example:
          So our communist junta overlords want to “shape” the news. Pravda anyone? The left is America’s enemy and needs to be broke “by any means necessary”. We need to start stealing elections and burning down cities. Perhaps some smash and grabs in Brentwood and Georgetown are in order.

          Hate is all you believe in and force is all you know. We will bury you.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            tRump was voted out. It’s how we do things in America. The American nuRight has given up on the idea of a Democratic Republic and now want forever rule. They are terrified that non-white, non-christian Americans may become dominant. Oppressors always feel discriminated against when the oppressed demands equity.

            No one has revealed any credible evidence that President Biden did not receive more popular votes or EC votes than tRump. Do you have the evidence? If you do please supply it.

            As we said, the increasingly violent American right threatens to overthrow America by force. The American right has lost their collective “minds”, such as they are.

            Nikita Brandon: you now deserve no quarter. “By any means necessary” is how we will take care of you communist usurpers

            You and what army? Covians, like Brandon, are you all ready to take up arms against America? Teach, are you ready to shoot neighbors who you suspect of being Democrats?

            Nikita Brandon: We will bury you!

            Brandon sounds just like one of his heroes, Nikita Krushchev who intoned in 1956 in speaking to the West: “Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you!”

            The increasingly violent and frustrated American right is threatening rebellion against America – all because they lost an election. It is unlikely that the likes of Brandon and his ilk will be any more successful than Krushchev.

      • Zachriel says:

        L.G.Brandon: I could do five more paragraphs just like this

        Or you could have made the one rant into five paragraphs for comprehension.

        L.G.Brandon: Being told you must get a vax that really isn’t a vax.

        False. No vaccination offers perfect protection. For instance, two shots of the polio vaccine are only 90% effective.

        L.G.Brandon: Being told you must wear a mask that is proven to do nothing.

        False. See Cheng et al., Face masks effectively limit the probability of SARS-CoV-2 transmission, Science 2021.

      • Zachriel says:

        L.G.Brandon: Allowing the President of the United States to be banned from social media because of “mean tweets”. Allowing anyone to have their freedom denied by social media and still permitting them to operate.

        Social media are privately owned and have the right under the First Amendment to set whatever rules they want for their platforms. For instance, a social media circle devoted to proper paragraphing doesn’t have to allow someone to post rambling paragraphs on multiple topics.

        • Zombie are Cool says:

          Should Verizon be allowed to censor the speech of leftists? Listen in on their conversations because they are a private company?

          How about Apple? They just committed 250 billion dollars to CHINA to upgrade their already advanced electronic ability.

          Apple along with Google are two of the most insidious corporations on the planet. Between the two they have told the USA to go fuck themselves while doing everything they can to help China. Yet the USA protects both companies by not regulating them with the public utility tag or better yet. Breaking their asses up. No more apple TV, or Apple computers and apple phones all owned by the same Tim Cock.

          Fine, why should the USA not regulate both as a Public Utility? Verizon? Twitter? Facebook aka Metaverse? Amazon which just earned 1.2 trillion dollars while paying its employees a good wage while they…..

          Are you ready for it?

          Turn all their warehouses into robotic-run facilities to make EVEN MORE MONEY for JEFF FUKIN BEZOS.

          Whatever happened to the left who hated Major corporations because of their unbridled power?

          Yeah I know Donald J. Trump impinged your capacity to critically think even nearly a year after he is gone.

          • Zachriel says:

            Zombie are Cool: Should Verizon be allowed to censor the speech of leftists?

            Verizon is not a forum, but a common carrier under the law. Content is not posted for the public, as on a forum.

            Zombie are Cool: why should the USA not regulate both as a Public Utility?

            Should Pirate’s Cove be able to regulate the content of their forum? Restricting that ability would violate their First Amendment rights.

            Anti-trust might be a legal cause of action against the largest social media companies, but conservatives have spent generations undermining anti-Trust enforcement.

            Congress might consider new legislation, but the U.S. is fraught with political dysfunction.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Zombie: Whatever happened to the left who hated Major corporations because of their unbridled power?

            The left still pushes for regulatory oversight of corporations, taxation of corporate profits/executive excess, minimum wage increases and unionization. The right opposes any and all.

            Why? Because the elite GOP’s true constituencies are corporations and the wealthy. They only use the culture war angle to get white working class votes.

            Zombie: Yeah I know Donald J. Trump impinged your capacity to critically think even nearly a year after he is gone.

            DJ Donnie is not “gone”. He still leads a sizable cult of millions of brain-dead zombies who are ready to fight and die for him.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Their poor little lib brains were so fried by Trump that they began celebrating anything and anyone that was anti-Trump.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  4. L.G.Brandon says:

    Nobody here is threatening rebellion against America Elwood P. Dowd. We are talking about the usurpers and their illegitimate junta. Like you, duh! Now that brandon is down to 22% approval (which is more likely 10%) we are going to see him try and get us into a war.

    Think Russia. You on the left have been crying about Russia since the commies left. I’m not going to say “The Fightin’ Genderfluids of the 45th Mechanized Hairdresser Battalion getting their asses stomped by Ivan is just what the doctor ordered,” because that’s defeatism and soon enough brandon et al will be hanging people for it, so let’s just say I’ve heard some awful, horrible, no good very bad deplorables saying that. Nothing like a righteous beatdown to really spark some serious national introspection; ask the French in 1871.

    I don’t know how old you are Elwood P. Dowd but I figure around 18-25. You’ve got a child’s mentality. You lack loyalty, patriotism and most of all wisdom. You are either 18 years old or operate with an IQ around 18, but 18 seems to be your number.

    The good news is you still support murdering the minority zygotes, embryos and babies. At least you still enjoy the slaughter of innocent blacks for recreation and genocide. Gotta keep them knee-grows down in the plantation right, Democrat?

  5. Conservative Beaner says:

    “ask the French in 1871”

    Ask the French in 1954 after Dien Bien Phu.

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