Rep Mark Green: Pentagon Mandating Vaccine Prior To FDA Approval Violates Law

Should everyone who can get vaccinated get vaccinated? In my opinion, yes. But, this is America, and we have freedom. And the vaccines are not FDA approved. And we still have a Constitution and laws written by a duly elected Congress, signed into law by the President. Dementia Joe and his people do not seem to care

Exclusive– Rep. Mark Green: Mandatory Vaccines for Troops Before FDA Approval Is ‘Against the Law’

It would be against the law if Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made coronavirus vaccines mandatory for American troops before they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Friday afternoon, after he sent a letter to Austin warning him against the move.

“I wrote the letter because of a concern that the executive branch is somehow going to operate outside of the laws written by Congress. And they can’t just decide that they’re going to disregard the law,” said Green, an Army combat veteran and a physician.

“It’s time for Congress to stand up to the executive branch’s abuse and violation of the law. And so I wrote the letter basically to say this is an illegal act and the courts have supported the law,” he added.

With all due respect, a letter means nothing to Biden and progressives. Zero. They do what they want regardless of the law and Constitution. If Trump had done this, the Democrat run House would already be drafting articles of impeachment.

As far as receiving a presidential waiver to mandate the vaccine before it is FDA approved, Green said the president can do so only in connection with service members’ participation in a “particular military operation.” He cited 10 U.S. Code § 1107, which states:

(3)The Secretary of Defense may request the President to waive the prior consent requirement with respect to the administration of an investigational new drug or a drug unapproved for its applied use to a member of the armed forces in connection with the member’s participation in a particular military operation.

“Right now what they’re talking about — a blanket mandate for all of DOD — is not in accordance with the law,” he said. “If you just excuse the executive branch breaking the law, then what’s next?”

Now, perhaps Lloyd missed that part when he decided to make the mandate. Did no military lawyers step up and look at the laws on the books regarding medical decisions? The title of the aforementioned law is “Notice of use of an investigational new drug or a drug unapproved for its applied use”, which is under “Title 10. ARMED FORCES Subtitle A. General Military Law Part II. PERSONNEL Chapter 55. MEDICAL AND DENTAL CARE.” You’d think someone would look and go “oh, wait a minute.”

Both CNN and Fox News reported on Wednesday that Austin would send a recommendation to President Joe Biden to make the vaccines mandatory for members of the military, in addition to other mandatory vaccines. The administration could announce it as early as this week. Fox News reported it will come on Friday.

Green sent his letter to Austin on Friday morning in hopes of heading off the move. If the reports are accurate, it may have worked. He said as of Friday afternoon, no order from the president had been given to military commanders.

Maybe it did. I doubt it. We’ll have to see what happens next week. Does the order come or not? Because I doubt the China Joe admin cares about the law. And it’s a great way to force lots of right leaning folks out of the military, making it even more leftist. That a lot of blacks and Latinos would be booted, being that their populations have high rates of non-vaccination, will be ignored by the Credentialed Media. Perhaps they’ll include a provision for weekly testing for those who refuse to get the shot. Or maybe not. Power hungry people will do their thing. And even with vaccination, they’ll look for ways to impose their tyranny.

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6 Responses to “Rep Mark Green: Pentagon Mandating Vaccine Prior To FDA Approval Violates Law”

  1. Hairy says:

    “A particular military operation”
    You mean like any standard training op? Or any military operation including close contact with others?

    • Kye says:

      So according to you definition they may have just as well left the word “particular” completely out of the statement because they really meant any military operation.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Anti-vax, right-wing South Florida-based radio shock jock Dick Farrel said he would never take “the Poison” that “Pfizer and Moderna and J&J are peddling!”

    Farrel died this past week from Covid.

    Please get vaccinated and recommend it to your friends. The odds of your dying from Covid IS low but why risk it? As new variants develop in the unvaccinated the overall risk goes up.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Farrel died this past week from Covid.

      So Rimjob, dipshit that he is, makes the vacuous assumption said person would not have become infected and died.
      Along with his pretentious virtue signaling.

      Bwaha! Lolgfy

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach and his pet “lapdog”, dipshits that they are, are part of the Suicide Squad, killing conservatives to spite the libs!

    Keep on going.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Let me see here…

      One of the painful signs of years of dumbed-down education is how many people are unable to make a coherent argument. They can vent their emotions, question other people’s motives, make bold assertions, repeat slogans– anything except reason.

      Bwaha! Lolgfy

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