Senate Dems Look To Charge Fossil Fuels Companies $500 Billion In Damages In “Infrastructure” Bill

No, this won’t increase your energy costs as it gets passed on in the least. If it manages to pass, expect lawsuits from the companies for being penalized for selling lawful products, and dis-equal treatment under the law

Senate Democrats seek $500 billion in damages from fossil fuel companies

High-profile progressive Senate Democrats have expanded their climate wish list for the multitrillion-dollar package the White House and Democratic leaders hope to move via budget reconciliation.

Driving the news: Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) is leading a push for $500 billion in fees over 10 years from large fossil fuel companies — with a big chunk hitting Big Oil — to help finance climate initiatives.

  • Co-sponsors of the draft plan include Bernie Sanders, the Budget Committee chairman, and Elizabeth Warren.
  • The New York Times has more here on the plan, which assesses fees on fossil fuel producers and refiners based on their emissions from 2000 to 2019.

What we don’t know: Whether the plan has any chance of advancing. Aides to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer declined to comment.

Has Van Hollen given up his own use of fossil fuels to travel to and from Maryland to D.C. (his press release on this bill is here)? How about Comrade Bernie and Fauxahontas? How about Ed Markey, who voted “present” for his own Green New Deal? It is called the “Polluters Pay Climate Fund Act.” Are they not polluters since they are using prodigious amounts of fossil fuels? How many will take fossil fueled flights to Scotland for the UN IPPC Conference on the Parties in November?

The big picture: The ClearView note says that while the plan is a longshot, it’s “another sign that domestic climate debate may be moving further past the market-based modalities of yesteryear and deeper into more command-oriented terrain.”

By “command-oriented”, they mean government Socialism, controlling the market.

It’d be funny if all the companies refused to sell their products to Van Hollen and the rest.

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