Reps. Mike Rogers, Kevin Calvert Make Case For Military Focusing On China, Not Climate Crisis Scam

It’s ridiculous that these two Republicans even need to make the case, but, Democrats are unhinged, and it’s easy to make the military focus on Hotcoldwetdry so that Warmists do not have to do anything in their own lives

The case for a defense budget that focuses more on China, less on climate change

Since President Biden’s inauguration, we have seen what happens when America projects weakness rather than strength.

On May 8, the Taliban targeted and killed 85 people, mostly girls going to school in Kabul. On May 12, Hamas launched a relentless rocket attack against Israel wounding over 500. Earlier this year, Russia began massing over 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border and a Russia-linked cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline last month shutdown 45 percent of the gasoline supplied to the East Coast. Beijing is increasing its military activity in the South China Sea and continues to violate freedoms in Hong Kong and threaten Taiwan. In the midst of this, the Biden administration has been absent. Weakness invites chaos and when America steps back from its leadership role in the world, as President Biden has done, violence and unrest are the result.

One of the ways America signals to the world that we will continue to be a global leader is by maintaining a strong national defense. Unfortunately, President Biden’s proposed FY2022 defense budget sends the wrong message to our allies and our adversaries. By failing to keep pace with inflation, the President’s budget amounts to a cut of over $4 billion in defense spending. Meanwhile, his budget proposes to increase non-defense spending by a massive $104 billion or 16 percent.

Furthermore, within that reduced topline, the administration redirects nearly $650 million in critically needed military modernization and procurement funding to climate change and to monitor the social media accounts of our servicemembers. These initiatives have nothing to do with ensuring we have a lethal force ready to “fight tonight”. When we dedicate scarce defense funding to global climate change, biofuels initiatives, and social engineering experiments with military personnel you can almost hear the cheers and laughter of our adversaries.

Defense is in the Constitution, a duty that is explicit mentioned: the climate emergency nuttery is not. China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are loving this (along with the other insane stuff, like teaching critical race theory, going after any service member engaged in Wrongthink, the gender confused, and more). What else would you expect from Dementia Joe? He’s all sorts of worried about the imaginary and manufactured issue of climate doom. But not enough to cut out his own use of fossil fuels.

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3 Responses to “Reps. Mike Rogers, Kevin Calvert Make Case For Military Focusing On China, Not Climate Crisis Scam”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Someone set us up the bomb!!

    I would like to insert a few relevant points. Feel free to roll your eyes if you have heard me say all of this before.

    1. The US military is part of the SWAMP (TM). It could easily be cut in half and still be VERY strong. If we had half the aircraft carriers that we do, we would still have as many as everyone else in the world put together.

    2. The US military is part of the SWAMP (TM). The top generals are political puppets who will parrot with enthusiasm anything the political appointees tell them to say. When new political appointees come in after elections, those same generals will forget everything they previously said and enthusiastically support the new administration’s policies. It has always been this way. It’s a feature we like to call “civilian control of the military”.

    3. We (the USA) are not at war with anyone. No one. Not even a cold war. In times like these, the military is SUPOSSED to get smaller. Guns v Butter.

    4. The US military is part of the SWAMP (TM). All of the normal silliness inherent in the ruling political class is already baked into the cake. All officers are college graduates and all colleges, even the military academies, are run by leftists. This is why the military would sit on its hands and drag its feet to accomplish Trump’s agenda and move full speed ahead on Biden’s agenda. They don’t just follow orders for whoever is in charge, they are real believers in all that climate stuff.

    5. At the lower levers of the Military, low ranking people understand that regulations are things you can’t change and never disobey. At the higher ranks, you understand that every regulation is written by some major who got assigned to an office to rewrite some regulation like Army Regulation AR 73-1. Just like lawmakers have no respect for the law because they understand how easy it is to change them, “with the stroke of a pen”. Just like lawyers and judges have no respect for the law because they can bring test cases and injunctions to overturn any law they don’t like and substitute new law in their place without resorting to legislatures.

  2. Kye says:

    Slightly off topic but when it comes to the senile crook in the WH noting is ever really OT.

    I spent some time yesterday watching on line videos. The first was a gang of Puerto Ricans murdering a couple at a “Puerto Rican Pride” event. Next came a gaggle of feral blacks at a murder where (I think) two were killed and the lovely, beautiful fat women were twerking on the ambulance. Quite fetching they were. They were celebrating Juneteenth, about the 40th black fake “black holiday” we celebrate annually. Finally I saw a “Gay Pride” event with over-made up queers swinging their dicks all over the street among women and children cause nothing spells “pride” like vulgarity.

    So I ask, exactly what do a bunch of Puerto Ricans, fags and feral blacks have to be proud about? Did they paint the Sistine Chapel, cure Polio or invent the computer? Exactly what have these groups accomplished for mankind, not just themselves? Bueller? Bueller?
    I really need to know

    • Professor Hale says:

      You really have to feel for the LGBTQOs. They go to all that effort to plan and execute their pride month and the blacks come out of nowhere and move their cheese. Sort of like how Obama beat Hillary in the distant past that no one remembers.

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