Frost That Damaged French Wine Region Is All Your Fault For Taking A Fossil Fueled Trip

No matter what the issue is, the answer from the cult is “climate doom!”

Record-high temperatures scorch Western states in preview of climate change future

A week of triple-digit temperatures made worse by climate change is forecast across much of the American West this week, with records poised to fall in several towns, cities and states across the drought-plagued region.

Scorching summer heat waves, which climate scientists warn will become become more commonplace in the coming decades, result in increased health risks. A study released in May found that more than one-third of the world’s heat deaths are now directly attributable to global warming.

So, an area which is always rather hot, and is expected to be hot during a typical Holocene warm period, is actually caused by you getting that burger. BTW, the records haven’t fallen, this is just prognostication. So, of course, this is also your fault

Costly frost in France attributed to climate change

Scientists say damaging frost that caused significant economic loss to France’s central winegrowing region this year was made more likely by climate change.

A report released Tuesday by researchers who study the link between global warming and weather events suggests that the intense April 6-8 frost in France was particularly damaging due to a preceding warm period in March.

The analysis conducted by the group World Weather Attribution used 132 climate models to simulate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on temperatures in the vineyard-rich Champagne, Loire Valley and Burgundy regions of France. The group uses widely accepted methodologies for its work, but the study hasn’t yet been independently reviewed.

The researchers from France, Britain, the Netherlands and Germany concluded that the warming caused by man-made emissions had coaxed the plants into exposing their young leaves when a blast of Arctic cold reached Europe in April.

Their models tell them so! It’s not like we haven’t had the phrase “false Spring” for hundreds of years. It’s not like this stuff hasn’t happened for most of the Holocene (and surely before then). Nope, it’s because you and your ancestors did Bad Things. Seriously, this is a cult.

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  1. Professor Hale says:

    A shortage of French wine? Dang. Now there’s another thing I don’t buy anyway that I won’t be able to get.

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