Climate Scam Today: Hating Your Pets, TDS And NATO, Swiss Say No

Some people really shouldn’t have pets, not when they are going to include their pets in their cult insanity

More pets are eating insect-based food to fight climate change for their owners

What do black soldier fly grubs taste like? Stilton and cheese biscuits. At least that’s how British start-up Yora Pet Foods describes its dog food made from the bugs.

Established in 2019, Yora introduced the first insect protein pet food sold in the U.K. Targeting environmentally conscious pet owners, it expects to have shipped over 200 tons of product to more than 200 countries and generate sales over $2.8 million. Its business is part of a movement in which manufacturers in North America, Europe and beyond are trying to make pet food more sustainable and environmentally friendly by using proteins from insects instead of animals.

Say, how will they ship the (horrible) products? Fossil fueled ships, planes, trucks?

With Trump gone, NATO back to focusing on ‘climate threat’

After a period of negligence with President Donald Trump leading the United States, NATO leaders are back to focusing on global warming and climate change, making it a central focus of planning and strategy for the first time.

If the U.S. military were a nation-state, it would be the world’s 47th largest emitter of planet-warming greenhouse gases, a 2019 study found.

They just can’t quit Trump, can they? Anyhow, I’m thinking Russia, North Korea, Iran, and especially China are much more of a threat than the climate scam. And our military is being destroyed in so many ways, making it worthless for protecting the nation.

Swiss narrowly reject tax hike to fight climate change

Exit polls on Sunday indicated that Swiss voters appear to have narrowly rejected a proposed “carbon dioxide law” that would have hiked fees and taxes on fuels that produce greenhouse gases.

The Alpine country has been experiencing an outsized impact from climate change. Switzerland has faced a rise in temperatures that is twice as fast as the global average, the government says. Greenhouse gases — notably carbon dioxide — are seen as the primary culprit.

The proposal would have revised and strengthened an existing law that was aimed at reducing CO2 emissions by 2030. It would have enacted new taxes on CO2-generating fuel and natural gas, as well as on airline tickets.

The proposal was rejected by 51% of the vote, Swiss public broadcaster SRF reported. However, local media said not all votes had been counted and the final result was not expected before late Sunday or Monday.

Ever notice that every places seems to be “experiencing an outsized impact,” and that everywhere is facing double the rising temps of everywhere else? Also, notice that most votes seem to go against the Cult, because these things that raise taxes, increase the cost of living, and limit freedom and choice, are popular in theory, not practice.

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4 Responses to “Climate Scam Today: Hating Your Pets, TDS And NATO, Swiss Say No”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Maybe the Swiss have above average intelligence and long memories.

    Environmental officials warned 30 years ago (1988) the Maldives could be completely covered by water due to global warming-induced sea level rise.

    That didn’t happen. The Indian Ocean did not swallow the Maldives island chain as predicted by government officials in the 1980s.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  2. Professor Hale says:

    If the U.S. military were a nation-state, it would be the world’s 47th largest emitter of planet-warming greenhouse gases, a 2019 study found.

    That’s not an accident or negligence. It is a choice. It’s a choice every time the US military goes to Honduras to build roads, to Afghanistan to fight international terrorists, stationing bases in Europe to promote European defense at the expense of US taxpayers. The US military is in over 100 countries doing stuff for other people. If NATO thinks greenhouse gasses are so damned important, we Americans can simply CHOOSE to do different things with our military… Like stay home the next time a hurricane wipes our some small Island nation. We could easily choose to spend less helping keep Europe safe and let them handle their own needs.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    William Teach: They just can’t quit Trump, can they?

    It will take a while to repair his damage to the republic. Americans still haven’t quit Benedict Arnold, Oliver North or Dick Nixon, either.

  4. est1950 says:

    Please think twice about selling your home or property.

    Right now their are several hedge funds with nearly a trillion dollars in assets that are buying nearly everything hitting the market at 25-50 percent over market value to prevent YOU and ME from buying a home unless we want to pay an exorbitant price.

    The price you will be forced to pay is beyond what any bank would finance unless you have a 50 percent down payment.

    Evidence is popping up all across America that it is easy to sell and nearly impossible to buy unless you can pay cash and are willing to outbid these hedge funds.


    The Hedge funds are looking at this as an opportunity to cash in on inflation. They are betting BIG on hyper-inflation. IE. 50 percent inflation. Thank you Biden. Even with Trump in office we were looking at 10 percent inflation due to Covid and his spending habits.

    Thankfully much of that spending went to the military which we will need sooner rather than later. But I digress. By buying a house at 25 percent over market value, sitting on it and then selling it to the government in a year when they are willing to pay 50 percent over market value they have made a nice hefty 25 percent.


    Homes will be purchased by the government just like the Communist DeBlasio in NYC running businesses out of town and then buying their buildings for pennies on the dollar to turn into housing.

    Mass reconditioning is going on right now. You cannot buy things. Cell phones you can purchase with ease. Computers. PlayStations, Xboxes, NOT SO MUCH. Why? Cell phones are used to geo locate you, keep track of you and are the most insecure electronic device on the planet. Autos are being built with analog devices because all of the computer chips are going to the Cell Phone industry.


    In short. If you sell your property looking to upgrade. Forget it. Unless your well off and can afford a 50 percent down payment, hold on to what you have or you will be renting for the rest of your life.

    The great reset is here. You will OWN NOTHING and like it and right now they are conditioning you to get used to not being able to buy stuff like you used too.

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