Who Wants To Know A Day In The Life Of A Climate Cult Activist?

I’d rather hear about the day in the life of someone who actually works for a living. Someone who brings value. Is just doing their thing. How about someone in the military or Coast Guard?

This 19-year-old climate advisor who started her own nonprofit and worked on Greta Thunberg’s youth strikes spends her days meeting UN officials and grabbing pizza with friends

St. GretaDays are busy for Sophia Kianni, a climate activist and founder of the nonprofit Climate Cardinals.

Much of her work centers on the climate crisis, a topic she has been interested in since visiting Iran, her parents’ homeland, seven years ago and discovering her extended family knew nothing about the subject.

Launched in May 2020, Climate Cardinals translates information about the climate crisis into over 100 languages, including Swahili, Bulgarian, Mongolian, and Portuguese. Kianni, 19, had realized that most of the research was in English but that most people in the countries most affected by the climate emergency don’t speak English.

Climate change is a global issue that disproportionately affects communities that don’t speak English,” Kianni told Insider. “It’s critical to translate climate information into as many languages as possible to make sure that these mostly-minority communities are informed.”

1st World climate cultists always think the have a duty to help these lesser people. They have very elitist attitudes, but, it’s easy for them, because they can just pop off the the pizza parlor, place an order for delivery on their phone, or hit the grocery store. Unlike those in many other countries.

Last year, Kianni was named a spokesperson for another climate-crisis organization, Extinction Rebellion.

Oh, the lunatic group engage in wackadoodle protests which cause a lot of problems for other people?

Kianni wakes up in her home in McLean, Virginia, and eats breakfast: a banana, a homemade rice pudding, and a protein shake. She styles her hair, packs her computer and a few professional blazers for her meetings, and checks her calendar to see what her day looks like.

On this day she headed to New York City to visit the UN and JUV’s headquarters. Last year, all of Kianni’s events were virtual, but since being vaccinated she’s been traveling to attend meetings in person.

Her friend is also headed to New York City, so they take the train together. Kianni lives about a 30-minute car ride from the nation’s capital. She and her friend arrive at Union Station at 8 a.m. and buy bagels as they wait to board their train.

What kind of car? Why not bike? Oh, right, it’s allowed for climate activists, because they are trying to Save The Planet. Unlike you, who just want to get a burger, go to work, take a vacation.

They head to the office of Selwin Hart, a special advisor to the secretary-general on climate action.

Kianni and Hart discuss strengthening the UN’s commitment to youth participation and the role of young people in advocating the delivery of the $100 billion that countries pledged in 2015 to help combat the climate crisis.

I’m trying really hard not to be an old fogie regarding her less than business casual attire – more like “going to the coffee shop” – when discussing how to force Other People to pony up money to spread around. Photos at the article.

Anyhow, it keeps going on, all about how to spend other’s money and such. These 1st Worlders have to find something to do because they have no actual problems in their lives.

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5 Responses to “Who Wants To Know A Day In The Life Of A Climate Cult Activist?”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    William Teach: What kind of car? Why not bike?

    The article didn’t say she took a car, only that she lives 30 min from DC. She takes the train from DC to NYC.

    William Teach: I’d rather hear about the day in the life of someone who actually works for a living. Someone who brings value.

    Who is Mx Teach to judge societal value? Does Don Jr bring value? Does a retiree bring value? It’s understandable that Mx Teach feels inadequate compared to a 19 yr old woman who attends Stanford AND works with the UN. He certainly was not obligated to read the article.

    Not being able to mock her looks, Mx Teach attacks her dress: I’m trying really hard not to be an old fogie (sic) regarding her less than business casual attire…

    • Bill589 says:

      A day in the life of climate cult hypocrite Elwood P. Dowd: Spends his life online repeating his Masters’ lies.

  2. Hairy says:

    Teach you ARE an old fogy !
    Embrace it dont fight it
    And know that your days of ever having a gf as hot amd smart ( national meritbscholarship dei finalist) as Sophia are decades past
    Did you break her wiki bio?
    Def not a high school loser

  3. Jl says:

    “Climate crisis” What climate crisis? The one where we had to save the world by the year 2000? Or the 2010 one? Or the one where we had 12 years and about 10 are left?

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Here’s one for the Denier class to crow about…

    Even with the pandemic, atmospheric CO2 still increased!! See, slowing CO2 emissions doesn’t reduce CO2, proving it’s natural!!!



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